GReddy 11501665 Blow Off Valve Review

With this technologically advanced era, the GReddy 11501665 is also making its way in the global market because of its exclusive feature which is the Floating valve design. How is it different then from the typical designs of blow off valves?  The Floating valve features an adjustable dual-spring. This is an updated version of the old one. This latest version is even more reliable and durable.

The one is able to give higher response rate and increased air-flow. To add up to its great features, this valve is protected from valve lift. You would really benefit from this new design which includes better throttle response and great crisp sound. What else should you look for?

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Floating Valve Design


This floating valve design is one of the greatest features of the GReddy 11501665 because it prevents internal leakage through the metal to metal seals. If ever the internal seals will be damaged, the gasket will do its job in preventing external fuel leakage. There are two body gaskets included with the floating valve. You will be amazed to know that the external body is made from graphite.

To increase its efficacy, it is also equipped with an anti-static feature. You will find a static conduction ball that works as a shield against static electricity. It is used between the stem and the ball. Aside from this, it ensures that it will not blow off even though it is subjected to tremendous pressure.

These floating vales have many factors that deserve to be acknowledged. You will surely enjoy having this for a longer period of time because its life is enhanced and the design contributes to increased durability. It is subjected to different manufacturing stages to ensure its efficacy and good performance.

Crisp Sound Without Compressor Surge

Another feature that is notable is the sound that is really good to the ears. It is able to produce this sound while preventing a surge in the compressor. It is a known fact that the compressor surge is the sound produced by the sequential blow off valve. It is somewhat like a fluttering sound. You should note that the sound originates from the turbo.

The GReddy 11501665 is able to make the crisp sound without reaching the stage of compressor surge. The low airflow and the high pressure are the factors that contribute the surge in this device. The sound produced by this device is not because of the incorrect match of the engine and the turbo.

The good throttle response of this valve is the main reason why it is able to product a crisp sound without compressor surge. Greddy 11501665 is designed to reduce the probability of bucking due to slight throttle lift. Other valves don’t have the capacity to this, and that is the reason why this blow off valve is considered special.

GReddy 11501665 Features and Specifications

  • Floating Valve design – this new design of the GReddy blown off valve is very unique because of added features and new qualities
  • Produce crisp sound – it has the ability to product crisp sound which does not cause any compressor surge
  • Better Throttle Response – this is the main reason why this blow off valve can produce good quality sound. It also reduces the ‘jerking’ motion of the vehicle
  • Anti-static Feature – this prevents static electricity
  • Adjustable Dual Spring
  • Prevents Internal Leakage – the external gasket of the floating valve prevents further leakage. The leakage only occurs in the internal gasket.

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GReddy 11501665 Reviews

We will give the GReddy 11501665 a rating of 9.5 out of 10 because of its new exclusive feature of a floating valve. This is worth mentioning because it gives this blow off valve new set of features and characteristics that define a high quality valve. It also has a universal design that is why it can fit to most sizes.

The customer reviews mentioned that if proper boosting is done, this valve will surely give you what it is supposed to do. You will also feel relieved that you have an authentic product that carries genuine features. Users love the fact that they could do so much more with this all new floating valve.

Most of the users focused on its new design. All the feedbacks about the latest design are very positive. This proves that GReddy has been successful in launching their new feature in the market.

Things to Improve

There are not many criticisms to say with GReddy 11501665 because it is considered as one of the best in the market.  if there is a recommended improvement with this floating valve, then it would be the shipping days’ duration. It would be so much better if the buyers will be able to receive it in a short period of time.


Due to its advance floating design, the GReddy 11501665 has gained popularity among the buyers in the markets. This design has brought new benefits and advantages for car users. It features more reliability and better sound because of the good throttle response. If you want to know more of this best floating valve, then you’d better check it out here in this site.

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