GreenWorks 20312 Chainsaw Review

GreenWorks 20312 is a 40V chainsaw designed to provide you a cordless yet professional cutting experience. It is a brushless chainsaw and a conveniently made working buddy, which would provide you 4.0 Ah 40V G-MAX battery. The machine is designed to cut wood without necessarily having to do it twice. It is designed to cut easier and more quickly than its counterparts.

The model is also structured with a brushless motor, which means it would not lose its effectiveness for it has an electronically commutated system. Moreover, it is cooler even when running, plus the benefits of fewer vibrations and quieter operation. The model has apparently longer life and virtually no maintenance at all. These are simply the reasons why most people are making a big deal out of the product.wide orange


Brushless Motor

The brushless motor of the product powers the cordless chainsaw, which has more advantages over a traditional electric motor. According to the developer of the product, this type of engine would deliver you 30 percent more torque, 70 percent vibration reduction during operation, and low noise output all throughout. Additionally, do not forget the improved effectiveness of the motor, particularly in wear and tear issues of internal components.

The type of motor sported by GreenWorks 20312 even provides you the information when the battery is charged or not. It even stops charging when the battery is full so that its life span would further be lengthened. According to GreenWorks, the battery could last for up to 2,000 charges, which is totally amazing.

Heavy-Duty Oregon Bar and Low Kickback Chain

This secondary feature is what makes the engine highly safe to use. You could be rest assured that the cutting and motor capabilities of the product would not be compromised at all. To keep the chain and bar oiled, the product has an automatic oiler connected to the 170 ml bar oil reservoir. The tank has an easy to open and close cover, which would help you check the level every now and then.

Furthermore, it has a mechanical chain brake, which you could find in the top handle’s front part. The part moves forward automatically, ending with the chain’s operation being halted. When the chain is being used, the beeps of the tool would inform you if the tool is powered. Not until you reset the brake that you could use the saw again.

The chain of GreenWorks 20312 is responsive to pressure, which means you could utilize the tool to some degree depending on how you pull the trigger. In other words, you have the options to go full speed or make it not work at all.

GreenWorks 20312 Features and Specifications

The product is part of GreenWorks G-MAX series and is developed as a cordless chainsaw. It has 16-inch bar length and one battery included in every package. The li-ion battery-powered product has a 0.050-inch chain gauge and 3/8 inch chain pitch. The total dimensions of the 40V model are 31 inches by nine inches by 8.5 inches. The cumulative weight of the tool is 6.9 pounds.

Given below are its top features:

  • Improved Motor Technology – The product has a premium powered DigiPro brushless motor technology, which could cut as much as a hundred in a single charge.
  • Better Performance – The chainsaw is designed to provide 30 percent more torque, resulting to unequaled cutting performance.
  • Reduced Vibration – Fatigue would no longer be an issue with the tool since it is designed to decrease vibration by up to 70 percent for greater comfort while operating.
  • Push Switch Start – You could begin using the chainsaw in a mere number of seconds. It also drops off the need to use dangerous fumes or gasoline pull wires.
  • Tool-Less String Tension Adjustments – You could apply fast changes to the tool’s setting using its straightforward tensioning feature.
  • Less Warmth Exhaustion – Overheating would never be encountered with the product since it has decreased heat release throughout the cutting activity.

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GreenWorks 20312 Reviews

The editor’s rating for the product is 9 out of 10.

GreenWorks 20312 has been widely accepted by its existing users as a recommendable tool. According to most, the solution works considerably longer, eliminating the need for constant breaks. Moreover, the users of the tool commended the fact that it does not only work optimally but also longer due to its battery power. The chainsaw has been proven to cut quickly and without a mess.

Things to Improve

The customer service of the manufacturer has been greatly suggested to improve by most of the unsatisfied customers. Moreover, the company should at least check its release of defective products, especially now that there are a few who have received such kind of tool and were not able to return it.


Overall, GreenWorks 20312 is a must-try product. It has exceptional features despite going differently and standing as a cordless chainsaw. Besides its great performance, its increasing positive reviews attest how useful it could be.

You are still free to compare the product with its counterparts by checking out best chainsaw reviews.

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