GreenWorks 21142 10Amp 18-Inch Corded String Trimmer Review

As a rule of thumb, customers hate buying products that haven’t been reviewed by other customers (or Amazonians), so it’s definitely reassuring that GreenWorks 21142 Corded String Trimmer has gotten so much positive press and glowing customer reviews from the ecommerce site (out of 1,892 reviews, the device has gotten a decent 3.8 rating on that fluctuates back and forth to 4.0).

Some might think that the GreenWorks 21142 10Amp 18-Inch Gas Corded String Trimmer is a bit of a risky proposal since it’s not exactly made by a well-known company and whatnot. However, thousands of people agree that it’s at least workable at worst and a decent heavy-duty landscaping companion at best, so what do you have to lose really? 

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A 13-Inch Trimmer from GreenWorks

Specs-wise and by the numbers it might seem that a 15-inch weed eater is better than this 13-inch GreenWorks trimmer since it has two inches more to spare. However, by virtue of operation and longevity, this isn’t necessarily the case, and the GreenWorks 21142 beats out its competition by lasting more than 60 uses or 60 instances of lawn mowing (as one customer put it). The unit was made to last, in short.

What’s more, the GreenWorks 21142 10Amp 18-Inch Gas Attachment Capable Corded String Trimmer is quite the tank of a trimming machine, so watch out for fences when doing your landscaping work. Get rid of the trash with a rake and a dustpan before going ahead and cutting down all your grass down to a manageable size.

What to Expect from the Twin String Advance System?

The GreenWorks 21142 Corded String Trimmer has two trim lines, which means the string will be more long-lasting and the twin lines cut about twice as fast compared to one-line trimmers out there.

With this unit, the string advance system always works well, unlike certain competing weed eater brands wherein you have to turn them over just to pull out the string by hand (which is risky business in and of itself). All you need to do is release the on trigger for two seconds in order to make it advanced in an automatic fashion (just keep an ear out for a clicking sound).

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Here are the specs of the GreenWorks 21142 Corded String Trimmer:

  • Attachment Capable: This multi-use corded string trimmer can accept most gas attachments, making it flexible and adaptable in a sense. 
  • Powerful Motor: The 10-amp motor goes hand-in-hand with the machine’s 0.080 dual-line bump feed and straight shaft for maximum efficiency when it’s in operation. 
  • Lightweight: It’s not unwieldy to use and is actually quite lightweight for a trimmer. 
  • Simple Electric Start: You won’t have issues starting the machine, plus the starter even has a cord lock feature that ensures its intuitiveness.
  • Large Cutting Path: Its cutting path is a large 18-inch swathe that speeds up your trimming jobs by mere minutes. 
  • Anti-Bump Spool: The spool system ensures no jams or bumps happen and it’s compatible with the GreenWorks Replacement Spool (Model 29622).

Green Works 21142 Reviews

I can’t get enough of the GreenWorks 21142 Corded String Trimmer. It’s clean and green in its own way as its name advertises, for one thing. For another thing, even though I wear strings down fast trimming around my rocky lawn, this machine lasts longer than your average weed eater. I’ve also gotten to save loads of dollars from my lack of excessive gas consumption, plus I’m doing my part in reducing carbon emissions in the U.S.A. Indeed, mowers like this are the wave of the future. Its motor is one of the most powerful trimmer motors I’ve come across as well. 

The GreenWorks 21142 String Trimmer has received 1,892 reviews and has a 3.8 rating on


The foremost issue people had with the GreenWorks 21142 Corded String Trimmer is the single spool of dual-line string from the GreenWorks brand. The trimmer is easy to use and works well with the spool of string included. However, what if that spool runs out? People downvoted the unit so much, it went down from its original 4.0 average to 3.8 because it only accepts GreenWorks OEM parts and accessories. That spool, when it’s damaged, is pretty much gone forever, so you better hope you have a GreenWorks-exclusive supplier of parts available (since only sells fresh GreenWorks products instead of individual parts). 

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The GreenWorks 21142 String Trimmer is a decent product that would’ve become a great product if only Amazon also carried the refill spols of line. Replacement string is what its customers demand and it should’ve bundled more string or a ready site available for replacement parts when worse comes to worst.

People go through these spools quite quickly, probably because they paid specifically for this trimmer for its spools and ability to deal with rocky lawns. The GreenWorks 21142 can deal with fast trimming even amongst rocks (although to play it safe, make sure to get rid of those rocks first before doing your work to avoid rocky jams). In short, it’s decent but it should have a better OEM parts replacement system.

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