Grizzly G7062 Multi-Purpose 5-Inch Bench Vise Review

The Grizzly G7062 Multi-Purpose 5-Inch Bench Vise is a perfect addition to your workshop. It definitely lives up to its name “multi-purpose” and let us tell you why.

It has two features that accommodate your all-around needs. First is its three-sixty rotation. You can rotate and position its and its base to any angle you like to ensure a more precise and accurate work on the material. Note that most bench vises only offering swiveling bases – but this features both movable haws and base.

Next is its two jaw-type capability. Most bench vises only allow you to work on flat surfaces but this baby allows you to work even on tubular projects with is tubular jaws. Let us take a look into its features more:

First All-Around Feature: 360° Rotation

This is the most impressive feature of this product – and probably the reason why a lot of people buy it. It has two 360° Rotation features: rotating jaws and swiveling base. These make sure that you can attach whatever you want into the bench vise in whatever angle or position you want it to be for added convenience. As an addition, it even has a degree indicator. This lets you know how much you have turned your vise – perfect for the OC guy within you.

Second All-Around Feature: Two Types of Jaws

Another feature of note about this vise is its jaws. It has two types that would allow you to take on different kinds of projects: one for flat materials, and another for tubular ones. Think of all the possibilities that you can do with these jaws. We are actually composing a list right now of the projects that we are going to try with this baby.

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Main Product Features

Aside from the two types of rotating jaws and swiveling base that we have already mentioned, allow us to list down in bullets other features that make this bench vise worth buying.

  • Covered Lead Screws – While other bench vises require maintenance regularly, this one only requires low maintenance and you don’t need to lubricate it often.
  • Effective Mounting Holes – This tool has four mounting holes that allow you to attach the bench vise sturdily on any surface.

Grizzly G7062 Reviews

One of the popular reviews that this bench vise receives is about its jaws. A lot of users claim that it lacks the feature to lock its jaws into place, and that some screws may even loosen up while you are currently using it, but this is not the case. This bench vise comes with a lock in order to keep your jaws in place once you have already mounted the material that you would want to work on.

In general, this product has received a lot of positive reviews, especially on Amazon, just keep in mind that most of time, when it does get a negative review; it might be because the user wasn’t able to figure out how to operate it fully. Hence, what we suggest is for you to watch a couple of tutorial videos first if this would be your first time using a vise.

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The only down side is…

Its mouth only opens to up to five inches! A couple more inches would have given this bench vise additional capabilities. This existing size only allows small to medium-sized projects. But hey, for an average DIYer, this is already more than enough to get all the projects that you want to do within the house done and finished.


Overall, we really enjoyed using this product, and from one woodworker to another (but you can use this on metal too, and glass if you’re super careful), we recommend this product to you. In the end, it would not receive 4.3 out of 5 stars, and that’s just from the users on Amazon only! What more from the other online shopping sites? If you are looking for a basic, all-around, and low maintenance bench vise, the Grizzly G7062 Bench Vise is the one for you.

It gives you value for your safety, so you won’t have to put your feet on the project that you are working on, risking your toes; or asking your son to hold the material for you, risking his fingers. With a bench vise like this, you won’t have to worry about that anymore, because the makers have already made sure that it has the appropriate safety precautions.

And of course, with all of its available features, it definitely gives you the best value for your money. Despite the common misconception, a good vise doesn’t have to be expensive. This is a good example of one that gets the job done without punching a hole on your wallet. With this Grizzly bench vise, you don’t have to purchase an expensive vise with all those fancy features and attachments , this is already a basic one with features that allow all-around purposes. See more the detailed reviews of the best bench vise on the market.

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