Guidelines To Buy A Industrial Air Compressor

The industrial air compressor has a different application in industrial tasks and is used in various fields including assembling, automation, agriculture, construction and chemical manufacturing. All kinds of air compressors work based on its conversion of power from inner to external source. For example, diesel engine or an electronic motor in stored power energy can be discharged in pressurized form of air. This pressurized air is used to power machinery and tools.

Selection of Air Compressor

Air compressors are different in their operational methods, pressure level, and air capacity that they may deliver. The compressor holds the air and delivers it in good pressure for different tasks, but the performance should be in moderate level against different considerations such as durability and cost. The measurement of compressed air is performed in (CFM) cubic feet per minute wherein CFM requires air in high horsepower and large air capacity.

Industrial Air Compressor

Industrial Air Compressor types

There are different kinds of industrial air compressors based on various operation methods. It includes centrifugal compressors, reciprocating compressors, and rotary screw.


These compressors show positive displacement where the volume of air is low to increase the level of pressure. Reciprocating include pumps moved by pistons with a displacing air and a cylinder compressing. There are two kinds of compressors named as direct drive and belt drive.

Belt drive compressor delivers high pressure and more durable. Reciprocating compressors are also available in multi-stage and single stage. So, multi-stage compressors are more efficient and deliver high pressure meaning low cost and lower consumption of electricity. Reciprocating compressors are suitable for individuals in trade, and constructions because they are portable.

Industrial Air Compressor Guide

Rotary Screw

It works by displacement of a positive process. It makes use of two helical screws fitted together to push air and then compress it. The operational method operates in a smoother way than pistons with less vibration and surges that sometimes noticed in reciprocating compressors. These compressors are easy to maintain and durable.

Rotary compressors have great capacity than reciprocating ones and deliver air pressure in high-level mode. Different models have variable speed meaning that pressure and airflow can be maintained, and the requirements of airflow are variable resulted in energy reserves. Rotary screw air has different applications in different areas such as in hospitals, factories, and construction sites.


These types of air compressors work based on different mechanism. The momentum usage is done through rotating disc for the pressurizing and transformation of air. It is a dynamic process that works continuously by a stable supply of pressurized air. It delivers high pressure. However, it requires high air capacities and high-speed than other air compressors.

The airflow capacity is easy to control by the use of inlet guide vanes. These compressors have many usages such as for machinery, automatic superchargers, pneumatic drills, air conditioning, refrigeration, and turbochargers. They can be seen in gas pipelines, gas turbines, chemical plants, oil refineries and petrochemical plants.


These are some essential details of the air compressor industrial so that you may get the right one accordingly. In case you’d like a smaller compressor, or a portable one, check out the link.