Harris Pool Products H1836RTCC16 Solar Pool Cover Review

The Harris 15 ft x 30 ft solar pool cover is among the top of the line solar pool covers today. This is very efficient and effective in heating up your pool and keeping it warm.

This pool cover boasts the ground-breaking technology called GeoBubble Technology.The GeoBubble Technology keeps the temperature at a steady degree even during cold nights. The heat retention it offers is really amazing.

This will surely make your pool be ready for your next swim without using any electricity at all. Thus, it will keep your electricity bill lower unlike when using regular pool electric heaters.

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515mVkOu4LGeoBubble Technology

Like other solar pool covers, it is mainly using the heat of the sun to heat up the water in the pool. The major difference this Harris solar pool cover can offer is its GeoBubble technology.

The shape of the air bubbles on this pool cover is backed up by scientific study. Unlike regular solar pool covers, the air bubbles in the Harris solar pool cover are designed to have edges that are thicker by 50%, while the surfaces are curvier and smoother.

Due to this design, there is wider air movement, and the sun’s heat in the air bubble stays in at a longer period of time. This Harris 16Mil solar pool cover lasts longer than the other solar pool covers because they maintain flexibility and they do not become brittle similar to dark-colored and opaque blankets.

Harris solar covers allow the sun’s UV rays to directly penetrate the pool. It is able to raise the water temperature up to 15 degrees Fahrenheit.

Pool Protection

Harris pool cover helps to seal in the collected heat. Thus, it will be warm whenever you swim again. It also acts as a protection against unwanted dirt and debris so the pool water stays clean. This will lessen the need to put chlorine in the pool.

The cover also helps in preventing water evaporation. This will then help you save tons of water as well.

Harris Pool Products H1836RTCC16 Solar Pool Cover Features and Specifications

  • Has GeoBubble Technology for optimal heating
  • Uses solar heat to warm the pool
  • Can increase pool temperature up to 15 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Prevents chemicals from the pool to dissipate
  • Easy and hassle-free installation
  • Allows sunlight to penetrate the surface fast in order to warm the pool water

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Harris Pool Products H1836RTCC16 Solar Pool Cover Reviews

Harris solar pool blanket has an Editor Rating of 9/10. The almost perfect rating echoes the feedback from the satisfied customers.

One happy customer said that it is keeping their pool very clean considering that it is surrounded by trees. She is extremely happy that their swim season is extended by six weeks because of the increased pool temperature.

Another customer said that she did not even cover the entire pool but after a few days every area of the pool has the same increased temperature.

One customer is very happy that the material is really sturdy and that it will certainly resist tearing.

Majority of the reviewers are really happy with the amazing heating power of this solar pool cover.

Things to Improve

One minor complaint from one customer is that the cut of the cover was not straight and so this becomes a problem when attaching the cover to a pool reel.

This seems to be just a simple issue that can be easily fixed by trimming the cover a little bit where necessary.

This cannot overshadow all the benefits the Harris 16Mil solar cover can give you. The heat it is able to capture and retain in the pool is already reason enough to invest on this product. Plus, it is not using any electricity so it will let you have a warm pool while still having big savings.


The Harris 16Mil solar pool cover is definitely a topnotch with its GeoBubble Technology. It surely gives more heating advantage compared to other solar pool covers. Using this pool heater will help you save on both electricity and water.

This pool cover also protects your pool from unwanted dirt and debris so it is always clean and ready for the next swim. It is also very durable and can last longer than the other regular solar pool covers. Overall, this product is really a great catch and is really worth your money.

Are you considering buying a solar pool cover and heater? Know more about the Harris 16Mil solar pool cover and compare it with the other solar pool blankets by reading more solar pool cover reviews.

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