Hayward SP1580X15 Pool Pump Review

The Hayward SP1580X15v is a pool pump that is best for on-ground and above-ground pools. This pool pump offers high efficiency and great performance. It is created mainly to withstand the harsh condition of the outdoors. The features of this pool pump are indeed very durable and advanced.

In choosing your own pool pump, you need to consider its energy efficiency. This feature can affect your operational cost. The Hayward SP1580X15 is known for its ability to reduce energy consumption. You will also be relieved to know that this pump can last for extended years. You will soon observe that you are able to save much in using this pump.

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41CPZCoU65LHigh-Performance Motor

The Hayward SP1580X15 is equipped with a high-performance motor. The motor has the capacity to generate energy when it is in the state of coolness. This feature is very efficient because while not in use, it has the capacity to produce energy that can be used when it is turned on.

Aside from this, the motor is not prone to premature wearing caused by external factors. The motor of this pool pump is meant to withstand even a freezing cold weather. The motor will not clog or get stuck even in worse weather conditions. Other brands in the market usually have ordinary motors which deteriorate easily.

Moreover, the motor works quietly. You will not be disturbed while the motor is running. Even if you use it unattended overnight, the motor will run as quietly as possible. Too much noise from motor pumps is really disturbing. This is the reason why Hayward created a pool pump that would solve this problem.

If you are looking for a pump that will run efficiently and smoothly, the Hayward SP1580X15v is the perfect choice for you. You will surely get the value of your money from this pump.

Extra Large Leave Basket

This pool pump has the ability to filter debris and leaves from the pool. In order to make it more efficient, the basket was made to be larger than the usual baskets of other pool pumps. It is very convenient especially when the place of the pool is surrounded by trees. Leaves will surely fall in the pool. This is very common during the fall season.

The storage basket of Hayward SP1580X15 is capable of filtering large particles and other things that might fall into the pool. It helps in maintaining the water clean and clear. This is advisable for resort owners. People will love to come back if the pool water is very clean. Another thing that you must remember is to clean the storage basket whenever it gets full.

To ensure the effective filtering of debris, the storage basket should be emptied from time to time. Proper maintenance is still the best step in prolonging the life of your pool pump. It is a good investment so make sure to take care of it.

Hayward SP1580X15 Features & Specifications

  • Strainer basket – this is used for collecting debris and leaves
  • Heavy-duty motor – the motor is self-lubricating. It prevents it from getting stuck.
  • Motor Thermal overload protection – this prevents the motor from damage caused by overloading
  • One-year warranty period
  • Installation below pool water line – this is not a self-priming pool pump
  • Power cord of 120V
  • Drain plug – used for water removal purposes
  • On-ground and above ground swimming pools
  • Air-cooled motor – the motor has the capacity to generate more energy when cooled
  • Single speed of the motor
  • 5-inch pipe inlet

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Hayward SP1580X15 Reviews

The customers awarded Hayward SP1580X15v with a rating of 8.5 out of 10 primarily because of its good performance and myriad of features. Users noted that it works efficiently and is able to filter the pool faster than other pool pumps.

They also noted that the instructions are easy to comprehend. They don’t have a hard time in installing the pool heater. Aside from this, they noted that the power of the motor is truly remarkable.

One user mentioned that he is able to use this pump for a longer period of time. He didn’t experience any issues about it.

Things to Improve

The only flaw that you can find with this pool pump is the single-speed setting. Other pumps have two settings which are high and low. However, Hayward SP1580X15 still works incredibly great even though it only runs on a single speed setting.


The Hayward SP1580X15 is the pool pump to have if you are searching for a product that is packed with features and benefits. You will surely appreciate the large strainer basket of this pump. Aside from this, this is perfect for above ground pools.

If you think this pool pump is the right fit for you, read the best pool pump reviews for added insights from other users.

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