Hayward SP3400VSP Pool Pump Review

The Hayward Company is known as a maker of high-quality swimming pool equipment and devices. One of their greatest creations is the Hayward SP3400VSP. This is a pool pump that needs less maintenance and cleaning. It is equipped with a heavy-duty and powerful motor for tedious and rigorous jobs.

You will also like its stillness when at work. You will not experience a noisy environment while this pool pump is at work. Another thing is the large clear cover that will really outsell others. You will find this very easy to clean and maintain.

This has a low impact sound and is energy-efficient. You don’t need to worry about skyrocketing utility bills because this pump has the capacity to store energy while it is in its dormant stage.

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Powerful Motor and Energy-Efficient


The Hayward SP3400VSP is the perfect pool pump for your needs if you are looking for a pump that can use energy efficiently. This is incomparable to other pool pumps in the market because of its extremely powerful performance. It can deliver quality results and efficient filter mechanism.

The motor uses 2.7 horsepower, which is really efficient. This is enclosed with a cool fan and the design is outstandingly good. It is engineered with a hydraulic design to deliver efficient results. Aside from this, the motor of this pump can do self-priming so you will be ensured with a proper start-up of the pool pump.

It has the ability to perform powerful suction that allows it to be functional even if you put the motor 10 feet above the water level. You will be able to customize it according to your preference because of this feature.

This is also very portable so you can carry it wherever you are. You can take it to other locations where you need its service. The compact design of this pool pump makes it very famous to pool owners around the globe. Installation is just a piece of cake with Hayward SP3400VSP.

This pump also has the ability to collect debris and other particles. It can be pulled because of the powerful suction of this pump. It is large enough so you don’t need to frequently empty the filter. This is one of its great advantages.

Variable Speed Feature

One of the best features of the Hayward SP3400VSP is its variable speed setting. It can operate in multiple speed settings, unlike the other pool pumps in the market. The time and speed can be varied, making it really versatile to use.

Aside from this, its digital control panel is very east to operate. You can choose from four programmable speeds. This feature can really make your job easier. You can even set the timer for the run time of the speeds. It also has a digital clock to tell you the start and finish time of the speed setting.

These features have the capacity to reduce all the costs in running the pool pump system, saving you a lot of money because your operational cost will be lowered. Many people are able to benefit from the myriad of features of this pool pump.

Hayward SP3400VSP Features & Specifications

  • One of the most energy – efficient pool pumps in the market.
  • Energy STAR Certified
  • Magnet and Totally Enclosed Fan Cooled System
  • OmniLogic Features – this feature is for competitive control systems.
  • Extra -large basket design for effective collection of debris and other large particles.
  • Variable Setting
  • Programmable Speed Setting

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Hayward SP3400VSP Reviews

This above-ground pool pump has been given a rating of 7.5 out of 10 from the customer reviews. One of its main highlights is the variable speed setting. Many customers noted that they really find this setting practical and cost savvy.

They are also very happy with its ability to collect more debris because it reduces the frequency of cleaning the filter basket. Most business owners are able to benefit from it. One of the users noted that this pool pump has been able to reduce their operational cost into half.

Another comment from the reviews mentioned that the utility bills amazingly dropped after installing this pool pump. This is the main reason why this pump is called an EcoStar pool pump. It is very efficient in using energy compared to other pool pumps in the market.

Things to Improve

The only thing that you need to consider with this pool pump is the price. It comes with a higher price tag compared to other pool pumps in the market. However, it can be justified because of its remarkable features.


The Hayward SP3400VSP is one of the best above-ground pool pumps in its league. It is energy saving and it offers versatility through the variable speed. If you are looking for a pump that will give you the maximum satisfaction, then the Hayward SP3400VSP is the right pump to look for.

This is the best above ground pool pump that is all worth your money. Check out the best pool pump reviews for more insights and comments.

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