Healthy Snack Apple Cheddar Stacks


Apples and cheese is a classic, tasty, flavor combo. You have the bright, sweet flavor of the apple contrasting with the salty, creamy cheese – yum – it’s a hit-the-spot snack. These little apple stacks are fun to eat, and they’re quick to make. I used leaf and heart shaped fondant cutters for mine, but you can use whatever small shapes you have on hand. You’ll need:

  • An apple, Granny Smith has a crisp tart flavor
  • A thick slice of cheese, I like sharp cheddar 
  • Fondant or small cookie cutters

1. First, slice up the apple and cheese. Keep the slices thick – about a 1/4″

2. Now, place the slice of cheese between two pieces of apple.

3. Push the fondant cutter through the apple, cheese, and bottom slice of apple. Be gentle when popping the leaf out of the cutter. You can poke a toothpick into the stack to keep it all together.