Hegner 18″ Variable Speed Scroll Saw Review

The Hegner 18″ Variable Speed Scroll Saw is one of those underrated gems as far as saws go. It’s made by a company that’s not necessarily as world-famous as a DeWalt or even a Shop Fox. However, it still provides an impressive amount of benefits for a fraction of the price of these leading brands (as the typical sales pitch goes). More to the point, the Hegner 18″ Variable Speed Scroll Saw is an 18-inch wonder that can cut loads of material, from tiles to hardwood work pieces, thanks to its sheer size. Only something like a 26-incher could outdo this behemoth in terms of area covered and bigness of the material being cut. If you want to do the biggest jobs, then go big with the Hegner 18″ Variable Speed Scroll Saw.


18 Inches: Go Big or Go Home

When looking for a scroll saw, you really should go big or go home. While the Hegner 18″ Variable Speed Scroll Saw isn’t the biggest saw in terms of what it can cut and the roominess of its stand that gives it excellent leverage for sawing apart anything that needs cutting down to size, it’s pretty close to some of the biggest saws out there at 18 inches. What’s more, it’s a saw that allows you to cut through any material, thus you’re allowed flexibility for a load of projects and home improvement ideas. You can even do commercial-grade jobs because of its bigness and ability to adapt to the situation. You will not be at a loss while you have a Hegner by your side. 

Reliable, Smooth, Quiet, and Precise

This saw has all the specs you need in order to make sure all your cuts are accurate, silent, uninterrupted, and dependable. Hegner saws are particularly famous for their ability to make blade installation safe and easy. Their blades also last quite long and can deliver quite an impressive amount of blade control that ensures smooth, quiet operation all throughout without worrying about wobbling or distracting noise that could affect the precision and levelness of each cut. Every edge is assuredly smooth without sanding and you’ll get unsurpassed reliability all throughout from this 18-volt wonder (which is incidentally the company’s most popular model, relatively speaking).

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Here are the specs of Hegner 18″ Variable Speed Scroll Saw.

  • Double Quick Lock Tensioning System:The tension on the blade is maintained by a special double quick lock tensioning system that doesn’t only assure a taut blade but also easy and safe blade changes.
  • Electronic Variable Speed Induction Motor: The18-voltHegner 18″ Variable Speed Scroll Saw has a motor that can shift different speeds so that you can cut something as soft as softwood and ceramic as well as something as hard as hardwood and stone tiles.
  • High Precision and Reliability:Thanks to its variable speed, you’re in full control of the depth of the cut, the precision of every sawing job, and the promise of consistent results every time.
  • 7 Year Manufacturer’s Warranty against Defects: Hegner has so much faith in the durability of this product that if at any point in seven years defects come about you can replace the saw or get a refund no questions asked.
  • Recommended Stand Sold Separately on this Site: Look for a recommended stand for the saw in Amazon.com. 

Customer Reviews

I noticed the lack of reviews, so I decided to review this saw myself. The Hegner 18″ Variable Speed Scroll Saw is a dependable saw that I highly recommend because it’s worth every penny. I owned one of these saws for about 10 years and I never had any problems with it. As advertised in not so many words, it works wonders in cutting down all sorts of materials down to size. I recommend buying a separate triangle stand for it for good measure in order to ensure you have good support without having to bolt down the saw altogether.

The Hegner 18″ Variable Speed Scroll Saw has received 6 reviews and has a 5.0 rating on Amazon.com.


Let’s address the elephant in the room. To reiterate, while the Hegner 18″ Scroll Saw has received 6 reviews and has a 5.0 rating on Amazon.com, that’s only a small portion of people using it and/or reviewing it. It’s not a popular brand of scrolls saw, so don’t be deceived by the perfect score. Also, it has a stand that’s sold separately when many others of the competing saws have stands included or built into the saw itself, which some workers might find unacceptable.

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When all is said and done, the Hegner 18″ Variable Speed Scroll Saw is what it is; it’s not as impressive or spec-heavy as many other competing saws, but therein lies part of its charm. It’s a saw made to do one thing excellently—cut down various materials with varying speeds or RPM—and that’s all may other people need. It operates quite smoothly and it doesn’t wobble or vibrate so hard with its motor that if you put a nickel on it, the nickel would fall off. Hegner scroll saws make the grade as far as vibration-free, noise-free cutting prowess is concerned. Do check out other best scroll saw and the full buying guide here.

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