Helotex G2 CREE LED Tactical EDC Flashlight Review

The Helotex G2 CREE LED Tactical EDC Flashlight is a no frills flashlight that was made for just one thing – to provide light when it matters. It provides three lighting modes in a very small and compact design that can be easily carried wherever you go or placed in a bag or kit with minimal impact on weight or space.

The Helotex G2 Tactical Flashlight is a nicely manufactured flashlight that is very user-friendly and can easily be carried around even by smaller hands. The tactile button designs also allow for making switching between lighting modes a breeze.

Lastly, it accepts not only CR123 batteries but also AA batteries which are much more accessible and affordable, allowing users to keep the light on for much longer.

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The Helotex G2 Tactical Flashlight has three lighting modes: Low, High, and Strobe. Luminosity can reach up to 130 lumen if the CR123 battery is used. These modes can be toggled through the same on/off switch, although there is no memory function and lighting mode is returned to high once turned on. Still, the G2 is great for close up work as well as for concentrated outdoor lighting.

The Helotex G2 Tactical Flashlight also utilizes a CREE XR-E Q4 LED that boasts a run life of over 50,000 hours. The product can reach its full luminosity using 123 batteries, with a slightly dimmer light when using AA, although performance is still highly acceptable.

Manufacturing and Design

With its aircraft aluminum exterior, the Helotex G2 Tactical Flashlight was built to be tough, allowing it to be impact resistant to a certain degree. O-ring seals around the flashlight also provide it some measure of resistance against all types of weather, although there is nothing that states that it is waterproof based on any type of standard.

Bezels, which are now becoming a standard in most tactical flashlights, are also included within the frame of the flashlight. Despite this, the Helotex G2 is extremely light, weighing less than two ounces without the battery, and not even reaching five inches in length.

Helotex G2 Features

  • LED: CREE XR-E Q4 LED, 50,000+ lighting hours
  • Batteries: 1 AA or CR123 battery – Modes: Low/High/Strobe
  • Luminosity: Up to 120 lumen (when using AA batteries) or 130 lumens (when using CR123 batteries)
  • Battery Life: 1 hour (when using AA batteries) to 2 hours (when using CR123 batteries)
  • Dimensions: 1-inch diameter x 4.2 (when using AA batteries) or 3.6 inches (when using CR123 batteries)
  • Material: Anodized 6063-T6 aircraft aluminum
  • Additional Features: Bezel, Accessories: Pocket Clip

wide orangeHelotex G2 Reviews

The Helotex G2 Tactical Flashlight has 300+ reviews. Based on customer reviews and our assessment of the overall appearance and performance of this product, we will gladly give it a rating of 9/10. Some of the positive feedback about the product are about the quality of its light. Most reviews rave about the Helotex G2’s well-balanced beam with no discernable defects all throughout.

Others also mention its compact design, making it ideal to be carried around in pockets or even attached to hard hats. Customer reviews rank this among the best when it comes to being a secondary or even a primary source of light.

Things to Improve

While the Helotex G2 Tactical Flashlight has been praised for its many admirable features, it also has its flaws. Some customers complain about the product not functioning after less than six months of use.

These may be a result of manufacturing defects and are exceptions to the rule; however, as one particular customer has mentioned that 9 out of 10 purchased G2’s still function properly after two years of use.

Despite some few instances of customers receiving defective G2s, which are easily resolved by exchanging it with a functional one, the overall quality of the unit and its features and use, outweigh its flaws.


If you want an EDC flashlight that serves its purpose without fancy bells and whistles, then the Helotex G2 Tactical Flashlight is definitely for you. This product definitely provides adequate illumination for close work and focused searching needs. However, this is not a device intended for long or wide lighting, so this must be considered before making a purchase.

In addition, it is absolutely handy to carry along wherever you go, making it a great EDC flashlight that can be used not only by adults but even by smaller children. It is light, compact, and definitely comfortable to carry around, although the extra batteries that you may need in case of prolonged use may be a dealbreaker for some who require more usage time from their flashlights.

Lastly, the Helotex G2’s price is something to also entice buyers to take a closer look at this product. Its affordable price can easily allow you to purchase multiple items to have around the house, in your workshop, or even in your toolkit or workbag. With all of these said, the Helotex G2 will be an important addition to your basic toolkit.

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