Here’s How to Trickle Charge a Car Battery

Learning how to trickle charge a car battery is an important skill for every driver and car owner. First of all, what to use here is a trickle charger, which must be left on your vehicle to recharge your battery. What it does is slowly adding charge to the battery. It also does not let the normal charge depletion.

Trickle Charge a Car Battery

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How to Trickle Charge a Car Battery

Note that some trickle chargers can be on the battery for a long time.  Usually, they will be in a car, which isn’t used or stored for the summer or the winter.

  • Know that the trickle charger uses a regulator to control the charging rate and prevent overcharging.  It can charge your car at a similar rate to that at which it is self-discharging to keep the battery’s full capacity. Remember that overcharging or charging too fast can damage your battery.
  • Before you connect everything, you should set the amp and voltage correct for your battery. You should also check the buttons and switches on the trickle charger box before setting them to connect it to the power source.

Trickle Charge a Car Battery

  • Check that the battery is ready for charging. Before attaching the charger, make sure that you take needed safety precautions.
  • Park your car on a level surface and in a well-ventilated space. You should know the charging process could produce that excess hydrogen gas. If you’re going to do it in an enclosed structure, a fire or explosion might occur. You should also check that you turned off the ignition of your car. Also, see to it that the key is taken out and that the charger is not plugged.
  • Choose an ideal ground location. The key to effective and safe completion of the trickle charger circuit is to look for a place to attach the charger’s negative terminal. For example, you must use a large bolt attached to the engine block or the chassis. Alternatively, you can make use of a frame, which does not contain oil and grime. The battery’s negative terminal must not be used to prevent any fire or explosions.
  • Connect the cables.  Get the alligator clips and look for the red and black clips. You must be able to take the positive cable before attaching it to the positive terminal.

When you have achieved a strong and solid connection, you should attach the black and negative wire to the location of the ground to make sure that the negative wire is connected well before plugging the charger.

Never touch the wires when the charger is operating, or it will cause injury or shock. When done, be sure to connect the trickle charger to the power socket.

Trickle Charge a Car Battery

  • Turn the charger on.  When you have made the connections, check that the proper settings are chosen based on the maker’s recommendation for your battery. Many chargers come with an amp meter to read higher if dealing with a dead battery or lower up to zero if using a 100% charged battery. So if the meter is reading low, you might not have to charge it or not achieve enough ground connection. Switch the charger off and unplug it before retrying if any connection issue occurs.
  • Check the display and see that your battery is charging correctly.  You might have a dead battery that cannot be repaired if you notice it is not charging.  If it is okay, keep charging it until 100% charged.
  • Note that some chargers can be connected to your battery for a long time without harming it.  The trickle charger will provide long-term and better maintenance for the battery. On the other hand, some models can only be left for a few days. You must check the manual of the trickle charger for complete details.

Final Thoughts

There you have the easy and simple steps on how to trickle charge a car battery. Learn how to do it properly to preserve your battery’s life. Did you like this article?  Tell us in the comment section. Finally, please spread the word and share it on social media today!