Hitachi G12SR3 4-1/2-Inch Angle Grinder Review

Different brands of angle grinders are competing with one another in the global market. Choosing the right hand power tool to do important tasks such as grinding, sanding, polishing, and cutting metal, mortar, wood, stone, etc. can be tough.


What are the most important factors to consider when choosing the best angle grinder? Size, rpm, and motor are usually the main important things to consider. Most common angle grinders are at 4.5 inches in size, and they are intended for low to medium duty tasks. They are very easy to control and use at home or in shops. Large ones, which are usually at 7 inches in size, are for professionals who need to utilize both of their hands for operation and control.

Greater rpm in angle grinders make them efficient in cutting and polishing metals. The motor, on the other hand, makes it possible for people to determine the grinder speed of a machine. The better the motor rating, the better would be the performance of an angle grinder.

Here is a review of the Hitachi G12SR3, a top-rank home improvement power tool in Amazon. It has gained a lot of positive feedback from the customers who have purchased the product and used it for quite some time.

A Multi-Tasker Power Tool for Novices and Professionals

The Hitachi G12SR3 comes with five abrasive wheels that are mainly created for different tasks such as cutting slate, brick, marble, synthetic resins, porcelain, and rebar. If you intend to recycle or reshape some of these things in your house, this powerful tool will help you do the job easily or effortlessly.

This powerful tool could also grind some welded sections and finish different types of bronze, aluminum, and steel. When you need to sharpen blades of gardening tools or other items, the Hitachi G12SR3 is also the best ally to accomplish these tasks smoothly and perfectly. It is a highly improved version of Hitachi G12SE2.

An Affordable Grinder with a Powerful Motor

Surprisingly, the Hitachi G12SR3 costs around forty dollars only. Yet, it boosts of a 6.0 amp motor that makes it very reliable in grinding, cutting, etc. It is tough on the inside because it could generate up to 400 watts of output power. It is tough on the outside because it can’t easily be broken when it is dropped or when it is used for longer periods of time. It is considered as the best angle grinder for the money. It is a lot cheaper compared to other angle grinders such as the Makita 9557.

Hitachi G12SR3 Features and Specifications

  • It is designed as a low to medium duty grinder as it is operated by a 6 amp motor and it produces 400 watts of output power.
  • It includes a spindle lock which makes it easy to change accessories and discs.
  • The tool is locked through its one-touch on/off switch.
  • The tool is lightweight, as it only weighs 3.1 pounds and measures 10 inches long.
  • Its narrow body is made of part plastic and part die cast.
  • It includes grinder wheels to be utilized for steel applications.
  • The tool has accessible and replaceable carbon brushes for maintenance.
  • It is very comfortable to use even for longer hours because of its 7 and 7/8 inch grip perimeter.

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Hitachi G12SR3 Reviews and Scores

The Hitachi G12SR3 has earned a 4.5 rating out of five stars. It has generated more than one hundred fifty reviews online, and most of these reviews are positive. One customer stated this machine is very powerful and sturdy for cutting sandstones and it really has a high quality. Another customer discusses how it provides a light touch. Other customers utilized the machine for certain projects such as concrete floor grinding, sheet metal roofing, and sharpening of blades on lawn mower and tractor powered rotary mower. They are also very satisfied with its service delivery or performance.

The product has earned very few negative feedbacks. A few customers find the handle of the Hitachi G12SR3 quite fat, but it is still manageable. Another customer pointed out that Hitachi G12SR3 seems to be a little heavy at first, but it is very easy to handle.

Overall, Hitachi G12SR3 is highly recommended by many customers for both novices and professionals in the home improvement arena.


Home improvement projects are relevant and trendy in these recent times. Creating some changes in a house provides a lot of benefits. People tend to feel more relaxed and stress-free when they get to experience some changes in their home decors or designs every once in a while.

Investing in Hitachi G12SR3 is a great idea. There are a lot of things to create and accomplish with this small yet powerful and incredible hand tool. The benefits are just endless because it makes the boundaries of making a house more beautiful and relaxing limitless.

For a very affordable angle grinder such as Hitachi G12SR3, there is no need for anyone to think twice in purchasing the product. This has to be maximized at all cost, for it makes cutting, polishing, finishing, and grinding easier than ever before. The angle grinder reviews about this unit also make it more convincing to buy the product as soon as one has the chance. Do check out other angle grinder reviews here.

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