Hitachi SB8V2 Variable Speed Belt Sander Review

The Hitachi SB8V2 Variable Speed Belt Sander is a variable speed belt sander that features a strong and robust 9-amp or 1,020-watt engine. The strength of the engine ensures that even the toughest materials won’t be able to withstand the might of the Hitachi SB8V2 and then some. It smoothens out hardwoods and softwoods as well as plastic and steel with ease since it has a no-load speed of 820 to 1,475 feet per minute. Meanwhile, aside from smoothening out steel and wood, it’s even used in applications such as paint removal without damaging the material underneath the paint. Indeed, the SB8V2 has a service life that’s twice longer than your typical belt sanders because its v-belt is wear-resistant.


Well-Designed Mid-Sized Belt Sander Packs a Lot of Punch 

People love the Hitachi SB8V2 Variable Speed Belt Sander because it’s a mid-sized belt sander that packs a lot of punch because and in spite of its size. For eon thing, it offers improved corner sanding capabilities since its dust back is located on its left side. As for its main body, it’s flush with the belt pulley on the right, thus ensuring that you have a sander that’s intuitive to use. Every tool has a specific purpose as far as contractors and construction workers are concerned. The Hitachi SB8V2 Belt Sander has its place among multiple construction tools. It’s efficient at smoothening out wooden or metal surfaces as well as paint stripping.

A Powerful, Convenient Mid-Sized Belt Sander Offering

Because the Hitachi SB8V2 3-Inch-by-21-Inch Variable Speed Belt Sander has 9 amps of power per sanding through its belt, it’s one sander that can deal with your toughest and most rugged jobs. Even materials like metal, stone, and hardwood are no match against this sander. It also features variable speeds so you don’t end up destroying softer materials. It’s designed so that you can easily adjust its speed with your pinky finger without taking your hands of the sander thanks to the location of the variable speed switch. That means you won’t have to cease operations just to switch speeds. It’s not the cumbersome kind of sander at that, in that every last function it has is made with operator comfort and convenience in mind.

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Here are the specs of the Hitachi SB8V2 Belt Sander.

  • Variable Speed Dial: You can adjust speed from 820 feet to 1,475 feet per minute for a more manageable operation experience.
  • Soft Elastomer Grip Surface: The auxiliary and main handles are ergonomically designed to ensure a secure and comfortable hold, thus your potential for operator fatigue is reduced.
  • Tracking Window: This window improves the visibility of your belt sanding work, so you know how much and how well you’ve sanded without going overboard.
  • Left-Mounted Dust Collection: Corner sanding tasks become easier for right-handed users thanks to the placement of the dust collector while at the same time making sure your work area is clean.
  • Wear-Resistant V-Belt: The V-Belt will last for double the service life of an average belt.

Hitachi SB8V2 Reviews

As someone who has loads of sanders, from the 6-Amp Bosch Orbital to the 3-amp DeWalt Orbital and many other names such as Makita and Black & Decker, I know what I’m saying when I say that the Hitachi SB8V2 3-Inch-by-21-Inch Variable Speed Belt Sander is one of the best sanders I’ve ever used. It’s a better investment than the 12-amp, 4-inch sander I had since it was about twice as big as this sander and is also about twice as cumbersome. For something so powerful at 9 amps, the Hitachi SB8V2 is amazingly powerful, handy, and adaptable.

The Hitachi SB8V2 Belt Sander has received 71 reviews and has a 4.4 rating on

Things to improve

This isn’t a perfect sander by any stretch of the imagination. This tool might not work for everybody. One particular customer in claims that the Hitachi SB8V2 Belt Sander isn’t as dependable as advertised because, despite reviews to the contrary, it caused some obvious gouging for him if he’s not careful exactly because it’s weighted to the left. This is ironic because many other reviewers swear by the dependability of this design decision. According to certain “Amazonians” in, you have to hold it perfectly flat with the surface to keep it from gauging the material.

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Certain Amazonian reviewers claim that the Hitachi SB8V2 3-Inch-by-21-Inch Variable Speed Belt Sander is an overhyped belt sander. Others claim that the hype is real and it’s every bit as useful as reviews would allege. Having a variable belt sander in general is beneficial and awesome because you don’t have to shift from different belt sander grades in order to cut through different materials. A powerful sander could turn porcelain to dust and a weaker sander could damage its belt trying to sand steel. Long story short, the Hitachi SB8V2 is dependable and versatile even though not all customers can get used to its left-side weighted dust collection design. Check out other best belt sander here.

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