HKS Super SQV4 Blow Off Valve Review

The HKS Super SQV4 make of a special sequential valve structure as well as a pressure control system. This feature makes it possible to have a wide operating range. This applies to both high and low boost. This blow off valve allows stable operation through the use of pull-type relief structure. You don’t need to worry because it doesn’t matter how much boost pressure there is.

The best thing about it is the capacity to support the current turbochargers and vehicles. This feature adds up to its versatility, making it outsell other traditional blow off valves in the market. If you love sports driving, then you must love the HKS Super SQV4. It will allow you to make your own personal modifications. Be prepared for the loudest sound of this blow off valve.

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51MsaRkGdELAluminum Die-Cast Body

This blow off valve is made with a high quality aluminum die-cast body for durability purposes. It provided protection to the engine system, making it last longer. Aside from this, the aluminum body is anti-corrosive and rust. There are many valves in the market that are actually made from different materials. They could not last longer compare to the HKS Super SQV4.

The die-cast body of this valve comes from molten metal set in a very high pressure to produce a cavity. The steel will be used to form the mould cavity, and it will be subjected to different shapes and sizes. The good thing about it is the die-cast body of this blow off valve that contributes to its lightweight feature and more surface finish.

You will appreciate the fact that this aluminum casting has the ability to withstand operating temperatures. It can contain the highest operating temperature as well as corrosion. You will also observe its superior hardness and strength that makes it the top choice among users.

Pull-Type Relief Valve Feature

This feature makes it possible to provide relief of excess boost and it is can be applied to variety of boost pressures. This versatility allows it to be used in different purposes. Another thing, it ensures that it will not leak under boost. If you’re driving an STI or SR20, then you should definitely get this HKS Super SQV4.

Another notable feature its ability to protect the turbo from the harsh environmental factors and damage. You will be ensured that your driving experience will be good and reliable. Sport racing enthusiasts will surely feel very excited with the loud sound.

HKS Super SQV4 Features and Specifications

  • Secondary valve – this is used together with the primary valve to perform ultimate blow off operation.
  • Triple Fin Design – this is the reason behind the aggressive and loud sound of the valve.
  • Stiff Die-Cast Valve – this is made from die-cast metal that is ensured to be strong and durable.
  • Aluminum-die cast body – it contributes to its lightweight feature. It is also anti-corrosion and rust.
  • Perfect for Turbo charged vehicles

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HKS Super SQV4 Reviews

This blow off valve from HKS deserves a rating of 7.5 out of 10 because of its distinct features. There are many users of this blow off valve because it can create great and loud sound that is best for sport racers. It can produce loud sound without hurting your wallet because of fuel expenses.

In terms of reliability, many users noted that they’ve done leak testing. The result is that there not a single leak with valve. This is also the reason why many buyers shifted to the HKS Super SQV4. They experience less leak problems unlike with other leading brands in the market.

Another factors that makes it as a top-selling blow off valve is that it is sealed for quality since it comes straight from Japan. Users praised it for its excellent performance and high quality parts. Most of them praised the die-casted body of the blow off valve because it is so lightweight and very handy.

Overall, the feedbacks of the users are very positive and encouraging. Some of them are even endorsing it to other sport racers. The reviews and feedback prove that there is really something to watch out for HKS Super SQV4.

Things to Improve

One of the things that need to be improved in this blow off valve is the inclusion of the flange. Most of the users noted that this blow off valve is even better if HKS included the rim to effectively maintain the position of the wheels on the rail. Increasing boost response is also recommended to improve the overall drivability of the vehicle.


The HKS Super SQV4 is definitely a must have because of the inclusion of broad operating range whether it is a low or high boost. You get to benefit from its design that is meant for stable operation no matter how much pressure is present.

Know more about this best sequential blow off valve in this site. It is recommended to check out the reviews for added insights.

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