Hobart 500548 Airforce 500i Plasma Cutter Review

Before using the Hobart 500548 Airforce 500i Plasma Cutter, users should be aware of where the molten steel will go after every cut, because the cutter tends to spray it all over and you don’t want it to end up into the cut itself because it will ruin its smoothness. It could also end up damaging your clothing or anything around you. Use a 45-degree angle to keep the tip cool and the melted oil away from it or from you and your clothes.

No matter what sort of durable plasma cutter you have, the way you use it and the technique of your cutting will determine how long it would last. With that in mind, the Hobart 500548 Airforce 500i is a worthwhile machine you should definitely acquire because it’s a combination of reliable technology and inverter-based design in one portable package. It cuts all sorts of materials like a dream.

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Conductive Metals Beware

If you wish to get clean cuts no matter what material you’re cutting (particularly conductive metals like steel and aluminum) even if they’re full of rust and slag, then you should definitely get the Hobart 500548 Plasma Cutter. This special power tool will save you a lot of money because of its cost-efficiency as a plasma cutter and its inverter-based design. It’s also quite portable to boot.

This power tool makes use of dependable technology that saves you time when cutting, with your torch tip easily melting through all sorts of metal with little to no resistance. It’s particularly effective when it comes to cutting thin sheet metal or a ⅜ inch mild steel plate as well as sever a ⅝-inch piece of mild steel. Since it runs on a multi-voltage plug, it can connect to any power source that’s 230 volts or 115 volts with no issues whatsoever.

Economical Plasma Cutting System and Flexibility

The vast majority of plasma cutters all have this vague benefit of being small yet being effective at cutting despite of their smallness. The Hobart 500548 is able to stand out from the rest of the crowd by being the economical plasma cutting system used for all conductive metals with an adaptable power source. What’s more, you can never compromise on its performance.

You can operate it on either a 115 or 230 VAC so that no matter what type of power your worksite has, your machine would still function. You can gather further savings from the device with its ability to be used on MVPs (multi-voltage plugs) or your standard household outlet as well. Either way is good. Its flexibility and adaptability is among the best in the business. With its MVP around, the AirForce 500i Plasma Cutter truly is the MVP of plasma cutters everywhere.


Here are the specs of the Hobart 500548 Airforce 500i Plasma Cutter:

  • New Inverter Design: The Hobart 500548 has an inverter design that reduces its weight at 27.8 pounds.
  • Added Capabilities through Welders: The Airforce 500i can make use of engine-driven welders with a 6 kilowatts (or more) 240-volt generator power outlet.
  • Ergonomic Torch: The unit is ergonomically sound, which means you can use it longer without making your hands tired.
  • MVP: The machine has a multi-voltage plug that enables it to make use of various power source receptacles, from 120 volts to 230 volts.
  • Cooling: The plasma cutter has a post-flow air cooling system, a fan-on-demand that runs when needed to reduce dust and debris, and wind tunnel technology for added particle protection.
  • Thermal Overload Protection: The power tool also benefits from thermal overload protection that’s able to withstand 35% duty cycleat 104° Fahrenheit environments.
  • Cable Management Strap: The torch, power cord, and work cable are perfectly secured thanks to this convenient addition to the package.

Hobart 500548 Review

I approve of the Hobart 500548 Airforce 500i Plasma Cutter, and here’s why. It’s an MVP (most valuable player) of plasma cutters in my book because of its MVP (multi-voltage plug) that allows it to use either 115 or 230 VAC power. I also have no problems setting up and using this machine, which is impressive since I’ve used many more expensive cutters before. It’s comparatively the easiest to use of them all.

All I need to do to use it to plug in the power tool, connect the air supply to it, ground the work piece so that it won’t move when I cut it (which makes for some smooth cuts overall), then pull the trigger to start cutting. Even homeowners who aren’t experienced cutters and industrial workers can get a lot of mileage out of this unit.

According to 15 customer reviews, the Hobart 500548 Plasma Cutter has a 4.7 out of 5 star rating.

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The Hobart 500548 has a high 4.7 out of 5 rating, which means that criticism in regards to its performance is limited at best. All the same, there’s at least one reviewer at Amazon.com that complains about how the unit doesn’t make the most even of cuts. It starts off okay, but whether it’s thin or thick metal, certain users just can’t make a straight cut. It’s therefore recommended for users who don’t have the steadiest of hands to invest in grounding tools for work pieces or guides to keep your cuts steady when using the plasma cutter.


Fair warning to those buying the Hobart 500548 Airforce 500i Plasma Cutter or any plasma cutter; they’re not scissors or knives that anyone can use. A modicum of skill and experience might be called for in order to make straight cuts with these plasma cutters. With that said, the Airforce 500i is a highly recommended piece of equipment since it can cut any conductive metal and has certain benefits to rival that of oxy/fuel cutters.

This includes the lack of a need for flame tuning and adjusting gas pressure settings at all. A plasma cutter cuts faster than oxy fuel by default as well. Hobart 500548 Airforce 500i is better than the average cutter, so it outstrips oxy fuel machinery in performance by leaps and bounds. This tool is also heads above heels better than its competitors thanks to its MVP, its multiple cooling methods, and its overall performance. A good choice among the best plasma cutter!

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