Holmes HCM3888C-AMZ Whole House/Furnace Humidifier Review

Holmes HCM3888C is described as a smart device which keeps your rooms moist minus the hassle of constant change in settings. The product is among the top-performing models from Holmes. Different from other humidifiers, the appliance is enabled with smart WiFi connection, which means that you could sustain the humidity in your home anytime regardless of your area. You could even get alerts from your smartphone if the level of water in your humidifier gets low.

If you are a busy person, the humidifier is a good option to still keep your house moist without you being necessarily around all the time. Aside from the notifications, the appliance is also powered with operational schedule and setting adjustments.

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This is the major feature of the product which sets it apart from traditional appliances of the same kind. It gives users the ability to control the appliance through 3G, 4G, and WiFi connections without the wire. The technology syncs with your Android or Apple device. This is also the reason why its cost is quite higher than other humidifiers for the state-of-the-art technology enables you to check your humidifier’s level anywhere you may be. If you are totally busy, you may also receive alerts instead, such as if you need to change the filter.

The greatest power of the machine is its scheduling capability. You could decide until when the humidifier should be open. You may even set a schedule for seven days straight. The app is also available on Apple, Google, and Amazon app stores. Despite your hectic schedule, you would still be able to manage your home’s air control.

Cool Mist Humidifier

Holmes HCM3888C-AMZ is set to filter every drop of water that goes through its system. In other words, you could guarantee that the air indoors would not only be humidified, but cleaned as much as possible. The filters in the machine are supplied with baking soda to further avoid bacterial growth and eliminate all possible impurities. In seconds, you could easily replace the filters of the humidifier.

Holmes HCM3888C-AMZ Features and Specifications

Holmes HCM3888C is designed to cover 2,500 square feet area. You could also anticipate it to provide as much as 6.75 gallon of output. It is available with five comfort levels, and could run more than 60 hours. The digitally controlled humidifier works with Android devices using 4.0 or higher and Apple devices with iOS 7 or higher.

The dimensions of the machine are 13 inches by 22.5 inches by 22 inches. The item weight is 19.4 pounds. To learn more about the advanced humidifier, given below are its other top features:

  • No More Dry Air – The cool mist evaporative technology of the product introduces complete water filtration. It delivers optimum level of humidification, giving your family relief from dry air effects.
  • Smart Humidifier Filter – The filter exclusively from Holmes ensures that odors and impurities would effectively be filtered with the prowess of Arm and Hammer Baking Soda. Bacterial and mold growth could be prevented, resulting to lower maintenance requirement.
  • Two Easy-Filling Tanks – The tanks are composed of two containers that could accommodate two gallons each. These tanks could be monitored using the app associated with the humidifier.
  • Easy Filter Replacement – The front and rear door panels provide easier access to the filters for changing. The filters could also be changed regularly with the help of app notifications.
  • IFTTT Compatible – The WeMo App associated with the machine could work with IFTTT Weather apps, giving you better-scheduling guidelines, such as when you need to replace the filters.
  • High Quality Materials – The humidifier is manufactured with high-quality materials which guarantee that you could use it for a longer time.

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Holmes HCM3888C-AMZ Reviews

The editor’s rating for the product is 7 out of 10.

Holmes HCM3888C-AMZ received positive reception from its existing users. Most feedbacks highlighted the clean moisture provided by the machine. Based on reviews, the machine lives up to its guarantee that it would not make your skin irritated. It requires minimum setup, which is why it could be ideal for busy families.

As claimed, the product is well-built. According to customers, even the connection of the app to the machine is very straightforward. They commended how you could set schedules, water level notifications, and filter life alerts, which are useful when you are not around.

Things to Improve

Some users suggested the availability of humidity level settings. According to them, the sensor only measures the moisture inside the humidifier. Furthermore, leaks were reported, which according to them, could ruin hardwood floor.


Holmes HCM3888C lives up as an advanced humidifier given its WiFi-enabled controls. Its positive feedbacks outweigh the pitfalls of the product, still making it a good product to have.

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