Honeywell HS-1655 Pedestal Fan Review

Quiet stylish and very powerful, the Honeywell HS-1655 stand fan is a great addition to any home with its 16 inch head that can cool any room. This pedestal fan boasts of five speed settings and quiet control including “white noise”, which makes it stand out from the rest. It also comes in a black color that can easily blend in with other furniture or home décor.

This product is mostly made of high quality plastic material, which features an adjustable height to suit the needs of every room. Another great feature is its shutoff timer capacity, which saves energy and allows you to rest while keeping cool. The remote control adds more convenience to the whole package so you can relax with your loved ones.

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31rs7jDQUMLFive Speed and Four Timer Settings

The five speed settings of the Honeywell HS-1655 stand fan make it stand out because it allows you to choose the best setting that suits you. It is known to move air in all room sizes and proves to be very quiet even during the highest speed setting, including “white noise”. Because of its powerful yet quiet design, it can be added to study rooms, libraries, and home offices.

Compared to other pedestal fans available today, the Honeywell HS-1655 fan was designed with shutoff timers that turns it off automatically. This feature has four settings that you can choose from, including 1, 2, 4, and 8 hours. This is great for saving energy, especially for those who like to sleep with their fans turned on during the night.

Honeywell has been making top-of-the-line pedestal fans for many years now, and this pedestal fan lives up to its name.

Stylish Design with an Adjustable Height

When it comes to appliances, you want to buy something that goes along with your house décor and furniture. The Honeywell HS-1655 stand fan is designed to be stylish enough to blend in any room without compromising your décor.

The high quality plastic material that is used to make this product ensures that it is durable enough for everyday use. To make it look even better, it is also built to have an adjustable height that allows you to customize it to your liking.

Honeywell HS-1655 Features and Specifications

  • High quality plastic material – this pedestal fan is made with high quality plastic material that is durable enough to withstand everyday use.
  • Powerful and quiet design – you don’t have to worry about loud noises while keeping yourself cool with this fan’s unique design.
  • Five speed levels and quiet control – this product boasts of five speed settings that remains quiet even up to the highest speed.
  • Oscillating feature for wide areas – you can be sure to move air in large rooms with this pedestal fan’s oscillating feature.
  • Four shutoff timer settings  save energy while you rest or sleep through the night with its four automatic shutoff timer settings.
  • Adjustable height – you can customize the height of this pedestal fan to suit your needs and liking.

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Honeywell HS-1655 Reviews

This product received a rating of 9.5 out of 10 based from the customer reviews. Most people owned a fair share of pedestal fans that claimed to be quiet, but they turned out to be quite the opposite once you get it running. As you buy the Honeywell HS-1655 stand fan, you don’t have to be expecting much, but surprisingly, it actually lives up to its promises. The five speed settings are very convenient as it allow circulating the air in the bedroom during hot days.

What would really astonished users was the level of quietness that this pedestal fan can offer. A user proved sleeping through the night like a baby because it made very little sound even with its highest setting. The four shut-off timer settings added to the convenience of not having to wake up to turn the fan off. This product is one of the best that its buyers had.

Things to Improve

The Honeywell HS-1655 stand fan was made for easy assembly. However, there were customers who said that they had a hard time putting the parts together to set up the fan.

There are also those who claim that the product was made with flimsy material although Honeywell has been known to make quality products for many years.


Built with a powerful design that stays quiet through long hours of usage, the Honeywell HS-1655 stand fan is a great addition to any room in the house. Its five speed settings are sure to move air even in large rooms , and its quiet feature will not disturb you while you relax. Its remote control and automatic shutdown features are convenient for any customer to use.

This is a great product by a great company that has been producing pedestal fans for many years. However, if you want more options, you might want to check out the best pedestal fan reviews.

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