The Homeowner’s Heartstrings – How to Fall Back in Love With Your Property

How to Fall Back in Love With Your Property Your home is one of the most important investments you can make. A lot of time and thought goes into choosing a property that ticks all the right boxes and gives you the lifestyle you want. When you’ve been in your home for a while circumstances change and the property may not provide you with everything you now need. Whether that’s the lifestyle, space, or its age.

Help is at hand. There are a number of things you can do to fall back in love with your property. Here is a list of ways you fall back in love with your property without going through the hassle of selling your home.

Knowing down and rebuilding

If your property is in the perfect location it is hard to leave. You want to make do with the house you have because it’s location permits you to have the lifestyle you want. You may be close to family, friends and your workplaces, therefore, moving could make a massive difference to your travel time.

One solution for this problem is to known down and rebuild your home on the same plot of land. For instance, people knock down and rebuild in Sydney due to space constraints and high property prices. It seems to be a wise option when older properties aren’t designed to accommodate the way people want to live today without having to give us the perfect location.

Renovate your home

Extending or renovating your home is another solution to add to your existing property to allow it to accommodate for an expanding family. An extension doesn’t have to be a full renovation, it could be adding a simple verandah to extend your dining space outside. Depending on your wants and needs there can be a cost-effective solution to suit.

An easy way to start thinking about the things you’d need your home is to map out the floor plan of your property and write a wish list. Remember although you may think you need new rooms there may be opportunities to extend and divide other rooms within your property. Clever storage solutions can also help to overcome any annoyances you have with your existing home.

Declutter your home

You don’t have to be a minimalist to declutter your home. It is surprising how much people collect over a lifetime. Things that you may have kept for sentimental or ‘just in case’ take up space which could be used in a more efficient way. A great way to fall back in love with your home is to have a spring clean and get rid of the things you haven’t used or worn for a long time.

Although it may be hard to part with things at the start, by the end of this process you won’t miss these items. Plus it is extremely satisfying seeing the reduction in clutter and how much space is freed up.

Design creative solutions for storage

Storage is an important factor in any property. It can change the way your property looks and feels. A lot of clutter can create unnecessary stress and require a lot more cleaning which is something no homeowner wants. Once you have decluttered your home it creates somewhat more of a blank canvas to assess what storage solutions you need. There are a lot of innovative storage solution which works with any space. They are compact and usually very easy to install. Kitchen storage solutions are a must for any family kitchen, start by looking at the clever options for this room and it will open your eyes to solutions for the other rooms in your home.