HUGSBY Mini AAA CREE Handheld LED Flashlight Review

When you’re in need of a portable flashlight, you can’t go wrong with the HUGSBY Mini AAA Handheld LED Flashlight. What makes this flashlight different from the rest is that it offers you a wonderful blast of light from its bulbs and at the same time is easy to hold and be stowed away as easily.

You also won’t have to think too hard of how to use this since the operation of the flashlight is fairly easy and quick to learn. The flashlight is very helpful especially when you need it in emergencies.

The HUGSBY Mini AAA CREE also offers a waterproof resistance. This means that you don’t have to worry about taking it with you anywhere especially when it is raining. The flashlight is also quite light to carry around, which makes it a better companion when taking it on trips or hiking on long range mountains.

You can put it in your pocket without worrying about any weight additions to your baggage. You will only need two AAA batteries in order to make the HUGSBY Mini AAA CREE work which means that the small weight of the batteries will not necessarily affect its weight as well.

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41nUpvoNYbLAmazing Portability of the HUGSBY

Looking at the HUGSBY Mini AAA CREE you can already tell that it’s built for comfort. The waterproof ability of the flashlight is simply useful as you can carry it with you without worrying about destroying it when it rains or when you traverse through the rivers or waters.

It also has a smaller size which makes it easier to hold and even easier to store when you don’t need it anymore. Owing to the size, this also means that the HUGSBY Mini AAA CREE is light in weight as well. Below are some of the things you might be interested to know about the flashlight:

  • The flashlight has a mini size
  • It operates with two AAA batteries
  • You can clip it in your pocket when needed
  • It has a strong casing that is made out of aluminum
  • The lens is protected inside the flashlight case so that it won’t gain damage when it falls accidentally.

As you can see the HUGSBY Mini AAA CREE is simply the perfect tool for you. You no longer need to carry around a big flashlight and later on wonder where you could possibly stow it away when you need to hold on to something such as a branch or rock when traveling. The convenience that the flashlight offers is simply stunning that you won’t even notice that it’s there at all. Since it is easy to carry you can simply clip it on your pocket or slip it through a small space in your backpack.

You don’t have to worry about destroying the flashlight when you drop it since it is also well protected by the case surrounding it. In addition, the HUGSBY Mini AAA CREE  also offers you with a good and balanced light illumination. You can be sure that you can see objects clearly in a bigger radius with this portable flashlight. The lens used is bright and can illuminate your way when you shine it in the dark.

The Bright Illumination of the HUGSBY Mini

One of the most important things that a flashlight should have is its brightness. The HUGSBY Mini AAA CREE simply offers this to you. The light is very bright and can perfectly let you see what’s in front of you when you shine the light. It is a small tool but can produce a good enough light that can give you visibility when you need it the most.

Given that it has 2 AAA batteries, you might think that it can’t be that powerful however it seems to show otherwise. The HUGSBY Mini AAA CREE is determined to prove that it isn’t only a cute and small tool, but it is an actual strong flashlight.

HUGSBY Mini AAA CREE Specifications and Features

  • The product weighs about 0.3 ounces
  • It runs with2 AAA batteries
  • It has waterproof resistance
  • It measures about 12.5cm
  • Convenient to carry and is very light weight
  • Has a clip on feature for your pockets
  • Made out of sturdy aluminum
  • Lens is well protected and is located inside the case

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HUGSBY Mini AAA CREE reviews

The HUGSBY Mini AAA CREE has gained nine out of ten reviews which is filled with positive remarks. Its strongest point is its portability and its ability to be carried almost anywhere. People love the idea of having a strong flashlight that they can carry along with them in various activities. The customers also loved the idea of it being waterproof since it can be very useful in case of emergencies.

Things to Improve

In other products the customers had trouble in pushing the on and off buttons. However, this is a case to case basis since there may be products that malfunction. This can be easily remedied by the warranty, or you can exchange the product for a new and better version. In some cases, the lens weren’t working well and not bright, but that can also be a factory defect.


Overall, the HUGSBY Mini AAA CREE is a good buy. When you love the outdoors and want a portable flashlight that you can easily carry around even when it’s raining then this will be your best choice. You don’t have to worry about the bright light since this is very bright indeed. The waterproof feature also helps a lot.

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