Hunter 53019 Ceiling Fan Review

The Hunter 53019 Builder Deluxe is a 52-inch ceiling fan created by one of the oldest companies in the business of electric fans, the Hunter Fan Company. It is a five-blade fan brushed with a new bronze finish that will match any modern house décor.

It also comes with two candelabra light bulbs with Brazilian cherry or stained oak blades and piped toffee glass light bowl.

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Five Metal Blades

This will give you a powerful cool air experience inside your room. The five metal blades have an airflow capacity of 5,110 CFM and it can cover up to 400 square feet dimension.

Moreover, the blades have a bronze finish so the fan can go well with your modern home. You will love its impressive performance and elegant design that is perfectly crafted for your home.

Whisper Wind Performance of the Motor With Limited Lifetime Warranty

The Hunter 53019 comes with whisper wind performance. Unlike other motors that generate annoying sounds, the Hunter motor is designed to execute high-speed tasks without producing noise. It does not create an annoying sound nor wobble even while it’s spinning at maximum speed.

Moreover, the Hunter Fan Company offers a limited lifetime warranty for its motor and it is capable of running in reverse to produce warm air during the cold season. This ceiling fan is also capable of running three different speeds with its powerful whisper wind motor.

Hunter 53019 Ceiling Fan Review Features and Specifications

  • Metal blade with bronze finish – Its five 52-inch metal blades can circulate air up to 400 square feet.
  • Whisper wind powerful motor – It can execute air movement without producing an annoying sound. It also comes with a limited motor warranty.
  • Two 60-watt candelabra incandescent bulbs – This will surely give you a fine light in your room. It is also compatible with any LED light if you want to replace the incandescent bulb.
  • Pull chain – This is an easy way to turn the ceiling fan on and off and adjust its speed.
  • Other accessories – The ceiling fan comes with bowl light kit with toffee glass.
  • 12-degree pitch of blade – This ensures powerful airflow and high performance.

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Hunter 53019 Ceiling Fan Reviews

There are a lot of positive reviews posted on different online websites and with that being said, this product gets an 8.4 score out of 10.

Based on our assessment, the sophisticated design and five-blade metal with bronze finish makes it more pleasing to the eyes. It can also easily fit in with any room’s decor because of its complementary color.

The whisper wind motor performance makes it more promising. In fact, one user said that he really loves how the Hunter 53019 ceiling fan works as compared to other ceiling fan brands that produce annoying sounds.

It is amazing that it produces powerful airflow without a high volume of turbulence.

There was also a review saying that the Hunter 53019 ceiling fan is really a living proof of long-lasting motor performance. He mentioned that he’s been using the Builder Deluxe for 36 years without repair. He only replaced its motor once and it’s still working up to the present time.

Things to Improve

The Hunter 53019 also has some areas for improvement. One main area is the candelabra incandescent bulb. Though it has an elegant pipe toffee glass light bowl, the light does not really give enough brightness.

However, you can easily replace it with LED bulbs which can produce a brighter light than incandescent bulbs and it does not consume as much electricity.

The three-position mounting system feature will allow you to easily install the ceiling fan, but there were reviews posted online saying that they had a hard time installing it. One user said that it took him 21 minutes to finish the installation process.

In contrast, there were also supporting reviews saying that the hanging system really helped to install the fan in a snap.

Nonetheless, the Hunter 53019 ceiling fan is crafted to provide a cool ambiance to every house. Its unique features and long-lasting motor are worth trading-off from any air conditioning system.


There are many ceiling fans out there claiming that they will last for years but the Hunter 53019 Builder Deluxe has proven its promise. This one can last for decades with its high standard and whisper wind motor while blowing the highest speed of air. Its elegant bronze finish will also add color to your home décor.

A ceiling fan is a useful alternative to air conditioning system in every home. It helps every user to lower their electricity bill. While buying the best ceiling fan is not an easy task, proper education about its prominent features and specifications will be a big help.

If you think you need more information to help you choose the best ceiling fan, it will be helpful to read our best ceiling fan reviews.

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