Hunter 53091 Ceiling Fan Review

The Hunter 53091 is a ceiling fan with a 52-inch blade span. With this blade span, this ceiling fan was designed to aerate rooms with 125 – 250 square footage. It is perfect for rooms of standard or small sizes because of its rate of airflow and lighting abilities. And its size will fit any space that you choose to put it to.

It has a finishing of Brazilian cherry or stained oak and can be installed with or without a light kit. The casual style of this fan is a perfect complement to all rooms without overwhelming them.

The Hunter 53091 comes with a remote control for changing the speeds of the fan. It also comes with a comprehensive instruction so you can install it on your own.wide orange4168PqztEDL

WhisperWind Motor

The WhisperWind technology included in the Hunter 53091 ensures that sufficient wind is circulating in the room without it creating unnecessary noise. You will get the cooling power that you are looking for without the buzzing noise you hear from other ceiling fans.

It can produce an airflow rate of 5110 cubic feet per minute at its highest setting. Its airflow efficiency is at 80 cubic feet per minute per watt of usage. It can produce cool air at only 64 watts, which is lower than other fans. The airflow rate of this ceiling fan is slightly better than what is average, and if you put it into a small or average-sized room, it is guaranteed to cool the room in no time.

This ceiling fan has three-speed settings, so whether you want calm air flow or strong winds, this ceiling fan got it for you. And all of that without the noise.

The speed settings can be controlled with the use of the remote control included when you buy this product.

Brazilian Cherry and Stained Oak Blade Finish With a Piped Toffee Glass Light Bowl

One of the best-selling points of Hunter 53091 fan is its beautiful appearance. The option for Brazilian cherry or stained oak paint offers a modern yet traditional look to any room it is put into.

The light bulbs included in the package offers a soft glow to the room made more pronounced by the toffee colored glass bowl.

Hunter 53091 Features and Specifications

  • Comes with a toffee colored glass bowl light kit.
  • A WhisperWind motor, which distributes powerful movement of air that does not make any noise. You get the wind with only a whisper of sound.
  • Package includes two 60-watt Candelabra Incandescent bulbs.
  • Can be used either with or without the light kit.
  • The direction of the fan can be reversed for use in the winter or summer.
  • A blade pitch of 12 degrees for ideal movement of air.

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Hunter 53091 Reviews

The Hunter 53091 received an editor’s rating of 8.8/10. Most users are content with this ceiling fan. It has met all their expectations and it was exactly how it was described.

Users praised the quietness of this ceiling fan. A lot of customers appreciate the fact that the Hunter 53091 can produce strong wind without the standard noise. As compared to other ceiling fans, this is one of the quietest fans they have used.

A comment from another user claims that Hunter products last a very long time. Even with using the Hunter 53091 for 24 hours a day, every day of the year for almost 20 years, it did not give them any headaches. The customer service of Hunter is also top notch for helping their customers quickly without any charge. The customers of this ceiling fan will receive a Limited Lifetime Motor Warranty from the company.

Lastly, it is very easy to install. The manual included in the package gives very detailed instructions on how to install the ceiling fan on their own. The balance kit included in the package solved the problem of wobbliness that some users experienced when they installed the ceiling fan.

Things to Improve

Mostly, the complaints of the customers come from its light bulbs. They claim that it is cheap and that it breaks easily. One customer claimed that the two light bulbs shorted out. Some also say that it is not very bright.

Despite the problem with the light, the Hunter 53091 is still one of the best in the market. The customer service representatives are doing their jobs awesomely and can send replacements immediately after they are requested.


The Hunter 53091 is a beautiful ceiling fan that is one of the quietest fans in the market. They have awesome customer service that can be reached most hours of the day. They have one of the longest life spans as compared to other ceiling fans and the blade span and the pitch ensure that there is strong air movement in the room where this fan is placed. If you want to consider other fans, you can read about other ceiling fan reviews here.wide orange