Husqvarna 531300904 Chainsaw Chap Review

The Husqvarna 531300904 is a chainsaw chap that is a must-have for landowners. This is also preferable for those people who are able to experience handling different chainsaw machines. What you would really love this product is its complete kit. When you avail this, you get to have a helmet and gloves.

Talk about a complete package. This pack contains everything that you need to have to do your woodworking job. Aside from the above mentioned, you also get to have an eye protective gear to avoid wood splinters and chips. What more can you ask for?

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ProForest Helmet for Protection

Unlike other ordinary chaps in the market, Husqvarna 531300904 comes with a protective helmet for added safety. Of course, woodworking jobs can put you at risk especially from falling debris and large logs. The helmet would protect you from getting a serious head injury.

It is protected from the UV rays and you can adjust it depending on the size of the head. It is also built with a face net that would be able to filter small splinters of woods. When it rains, the water would not penetrate inside because of the neck protection feature of this helmet. This has the certification of OSHA as well to be sure that it is effective and safe to use.

Orange was the chosen color of this helmet in order to make it visible even at night. This makes it possible for you to work safely even at night. The good thing about this is that it is so versatile. Whether, rain or shine, you would still be able to finish your task with minimal difficulty.

Blue Clip Suspenders

This is the feature that makes Husqvarna 531300904 different from other ordinary protective chaps. The chap comes with a blue clip suspender. This makes it even more comfortable to wear. Aside from that, it would keep it secured in place. You don’t need to worry that it might fall off because of the suspenders.

Aside from its practical use, the suspenders add the style to it. Most of the chaps in other brands have almost the same look. This is a new look for a protective apron. It gives a clean and organized appearance to the wearer as if he is wearing a uniform.

The suspenders also come with heavy-duty gloves. They are highly reliable in keeping your hands free from cuts and abrasions. It also protects your hands from splinters. Woodworking would always require you to come in contact with large woods and logs. That is why your hands are prone to cuts. The gloves included in the kit are thick enough to filter small bits of wood.

Husqvarna 531300904 Features

  • Blue Clip Suspenders – these hold the chap in place. It also adds support to the entire protective apron chap.
  • ProForest helmet – this is included in the kit. It comes with a face mask, neck protection, as well as UV ray protection.
  • Heavy duty gloves – used for protecting the hands from wounds and other abrasions brought by the wood chips and large logs.
  • Protective glasses – it prevents splinters and chips to get inside the eyes. It can filter out small particles as well.

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Husqvarna 531300904 Reviews

This complete package of protective chap almost received a perfect rating. It got 9 out of 10 from the user review. This only proves that Husqvarna 531300904 is indeed of good quality. The consumers like the fact that they don’t need to buy other protective accessories because those are already included in the package.

Most of the feedbacks praised the blue clip suspenders counted in in the kit. Aside from its unique look, it also makes them feel comfortable when they wear the chaps. It also makes it possible to be worn universally.

Other users also noted that the protective accessories are really high-quality. They saved a lot of money since they don’t need to buy anything else. Husqvarna 531300904 is preferred by most of the professional chainsaw loggers. Companies are also availing it for their employees since it is the first time that they found a complete package of protective apron chap.

It is obvious that this has been a success in the market. Thanks to its complete inclusions and unique look.

Things to Improve

If there is something to upgrade with Husqvarna, it’s probably the color. It only comes in one color which is navy blue. This color can not be seen at night so it would be risky if you wear this at night. Another thing is the helmet. Not all of the consumers are comfortable in wearing a helmet. It should be versatile enough for all of the users’ needs.


Indeed, Husqvarna 531300904 can be considered as the only one of its kind set of protective chap. It has the edge from most of the other brands because it comes in a complete package. It gives the value of the money to the buyers. You can check out other best protective chaps here together with the best chainsaw chap reviews for more insights. Get yours now.

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