Husqvarna 966048330 Chainsaw Review

Husqvarna 460 is described as an exceptional product that comes from a well-known and trusted construction tools company. The model is one of the high-quality equipment under the brand. The reliable saw is made to last even if you use it for long hauling. If you also want to save money, this is a chainsaw to take regard of for it has better value despite offering tons of features.

The top features of the tool include its X-Torq engine, air injection, and anti-vibration system. The tool is also structured with a side-mounted chain tensioner, smart start, air purge, inertia activated chain brake and more that you would not expect it to offer.

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X-Torq Engine

The high-quality engine is one of the trademark solutions of Husqvarna, which delivers high revolutions per minute (rpm) crucial for the effectiveness of the tool. The equipment is also designed to consume less amount of fuel while guaranteeing less carbon emission. In other words, you do not have to be concerned too much if you also want to save the environment.

The machine of the product is compliant to California Air Resources Board (CARB). This only ensures that the tool keeps the air clean even during operation. The regulatory board is tasked to check if the diesel-related tools would be harmful to the environment or not, especially in protecting the public from toxic materials. Finding Husqvarna 460 as a CARB compliant product already gives you the peace of mind that it has followed strict air quality measures.

Air Injection System

The air injection system found in Husqvarna 460 is characterized by a centrifugal air cleaning scheme, which is crucial in removing huge particles and debris. These materials are often the causes of high torque engine quality. The system is also featured in the product to guarantee that air is filtered accordingly. Thus, the lifespan of the engine would be improved.

The chain brake in the air injection system decreases the risk associated with a kickback when using the tool. It has an inertia-activated chain brake, which would avoid further movements when cutting chain through steel brake brand application surrounding the drive clutch drum.

Husqvarna 966048330 Features and Specifications

The chainsaw is a newer model from Husqvarna that has a 20-inch 60.3 cc two-stroke X-Torq gas engine. The product is designed with a side-mounted chain tensioner and 20-inch bar. Moreover, you would find the tool powered with the three-piece crankshaft for tough applications. The general dimensions of the tool are 10.5 inches by 12.75 inches by 29 inches. Its total weight is 12.79 pounds.

Given below are the top features of the product aside from the two given above:

  • Anti-Vibration System – Fatigue of your hands and arms would be greatly reduced since it could minimize the vibrations associated with the tool’s operation.
  • Side-Mounted Chain Tensioner – The part could allow you to easily adjust the tension of the chain without necessarily taking much time.
  • Adjustable Oiler – You could maintain the oil flow in the tool regardless of weather conditions and based on work to be done.
  • Smart Start – Starting your operation is easier and faster minus extra effort.
  • Combined Choke/Stop Control – Besides allowing easy start-up, the attribute is also meant to reduce the possibility of engine leaks.
  • Front Handle Ergonomics – You could better handle the machine for it has seven-degree offset handle, which also reduces fatigue when using the tool.

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Husqvarna 966048330 Reviews

The editor’s rating for Husqvarna 460 is 9.2 out of 10.

Most of the feedbacks regarding the use of the product are positive, ensuring that it is a high-performing product. According to the users, they preferred the fact it could easily cut wood minus extra effort regardless of its type. They claimed that they could finish tons or workload without getting tired easily or having troubles with the machine.

The machine is also perfectly durable. They stated that in spite of longer hours of operation, the bar and chain are still undamaged. The tool is not even heavy, which is far from their expectations. Though your arm would still obtain a little bit of workout, there is not much exhaustion to be felt. Most importantly, many reviews have found the saw powerful but undeniably cost-effective.

Things to Improve

The customer service of the manufacturer was suggested for rectification. According to some users, the issue with their tools should have been solved if the provider had responded right away. Similar to other advanced tools, the bar oil leakage must at least be solved by the developer. Nonetheless, despite the downsides, the machine has been recommended by the users.


Overall, Husqvarna 460 deserves a spot on the list of best chainsaws to buy today. It has great features for high performance and less time consumption, which are both dreamt by woodworkers.

You are free to compare the product with other high-rated tools of the same kind by checking out best chainsaw reviews.

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