Icon 3517-0282 Motorcycle Backpack Review

The Icon 3517-0282 Black Squad 3 Backpack is specifically engineered for those who always ride day and night. It offers the functionality needed for a motorcycle backpack while giving you that stylish look.

Although its fabric is water-resistant, it is still highly recommended to place electronic equipment in a dry bag.

It has a chest strap, which includes a mesh padding at the back, an external strap that can be used for jacket or helmet, and a specialized compartment for a 15” laptop. The materials are 360° reflective to provide visibility, especially during low light environment.

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Unique Chest Strap With Air Mesh on the Back

Unlike other backpacks, the Icon 3517-0282 Black Squad 3 chest strap is designed the unique way. It has an air mesh on the back to help the rider’s back breathe, avoiding those sweat marks. The air mesh works by creating very small openings between the bag and your body. Allowing the air to pass, creating ventilation.

The chest strap with air mesh also secures your backpack so you won’t have to worry riding with high legal speed. Your backpack will just be there grabbing you securely.

Extremely Durable Ripstop Nylon Engineering

Talking about durability, the Icon 3517-0282 Black Squad 3 Backpack is first class. Engineered using extremely durable and rip-stop nylon, this backpack is perfect for everyday use. Created and reimagined for daily grind at legal speeds. The rip-stop nylon functions to prevent a tear from spreading. The backpack is built with fabrics resistant to water.

Whether this backpack is used all day, 24/7, it will surely survive. The Icon 3517-0282 Black Squad 3 Backpack is guaranteed to last long even in extreme weather condition.

Icon 3517-0282 Black Squad 3 Features and Specifications

  • Chest Strap – with mesh padding
  • External Strap – for jacket or helmet
  • Reflective – made with materials that are reflective 360 degrees
  • Durable – Highly durable with rip-stop
  • ID Holder – removable and easy access
  • Weight – 2.55 lbs.
  • Dimensions – 19.5 x 12.2 x 5.4 inches
  • Internal pocket – to keep your valuables

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Icon 3517-0282 Black Squad 3 Reviews

This backpack deserves a rating of 8.6 out of 10. It has been reviewed by over 56 customers. According to some customers, it feels so comfortable whether you are commuting or taking a long ride. The backpack conforms to the body which increases comfort.

Other customers even use it if they are not riding. They usually put on their laptop, tablet, cellphone, lunch, and even a remote. The backpack doesn’t shift in the back while riding to avoid any distraction.

The Icon 3517-0282 Black Squad 3’s compartments are large enough for commuters who brings clothes and electronic gadgets. The weight distribution of the backpack is outstanding.

When the shoulder straps are perfectly fitted, you won’t feel any strain on your shoulders. The backpack is also to wear and remove.

Things to Improve

This motorcycle backpack may seem to be perfect in every detail but it also has its drawbacks. The shoulder straps seem to fit in if you are wearing a bike jacket, so if you are not using one, it may go down but only a few inches. Well, not a huge deal since the waist and chest straps are adjustable.

Also, it seems to be designed that way so the wind will be caught and goes to your back, which is really good during hot days.

The compartment can be small but organizing your stuff is all you need to make everything fit in.

Some customers find the buckle chest to be cheap and some even plan to replace the plastic clips. The chest straps also don’t have a ventilation, which could be amazing during the summer.


The Icon 3517-0828 Black Squad 3 is a product that deserves a two thumbs up. It’s a brilliant purchase. It allows you to carry all your needed items while giving you a comfortable ride.

If you always take the road, then this backpack is for you. The Icon 3517-0282 Black Squad 3 Backpack is durable and contours to the body to give that comfortable fit. It is specifically built for those riders who are always on the road, this backpack is highly durable. The backpack’s chassis is made of rip-stop nylon fabric.

The chest strap adds a good value to this backpack. You can simply imagine how amazing it is with a backpack that is securely attached to you. And of course, with an air mesh designed for riders.

The durability of a backpack is very important because no one wants to invest in a product that can easily be torn from day-to-day usage. It is a good thing that this motorcycle backpack is extremely durable and certainly will last.

In general, the backpack does a great job in ensuring that riders stay comfortable during their rides. It is highly recommended for commuters.

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