Infinity KAPPA682.11CF 6×8 Car Speaker Review

The Infinity KAPPA Two-Way Car Audio is a car speaker worthy of every car and sound enthusiast’s notice. This brand is considered as one of the best car speakers that are being offered in the market these days.

This product measures 6” x8” / 5” x7”. It effortlessly fits in typical factory speaker locations found in most vehicular transports. It likewise features Infinity’s Plus One formed-glass-fiber woofer cones and the Injected Carbon Glass Matrix frames.

In addition, the Infinity KAPPA 300W also presents air-core low-loss inductors and the high-grade polypropylene low-hysteresis capacitors. Truly, this car speaker brand is intricately designed not only for the purpose of fitting soundly on any kind of factory speaker locations but also to carry astounding music.wide orange


25-300 Watts Recommended Amplifier Power

One of the main reasons why the KAPPA 300W 2-Way Car Audio stands out from other car speakers is due to its amplifier power. The product ranges from 25-300 Watts. The KAPPA 300W has been intricately engineered to produce a clean but loud sound. This may come from an amplifier cable that contains a power that reaches up to 300 Watts or from a head-unit.

For this reason, this brand is the model of upgraded 2 or 3-Way car speaker for systems that are driven with factory amplifier power or a head-unit.

Pronounced Power-handling Specifications

The KAPPA contains great power-handling specifications. This car speaker brand likewise holds the necessary power coming from aftermarket amplifiers that belong to high-fidelity aftermarket upgrades.

Hence, the KAPPA 300W’s great power-handling specification escalates its strength and reliability. This only means that it can last longer than other speaker brands and its users can relish the KAPPA Series for many years.

Infinity KAPPA682.11CF Features and Specifications

When looking for the best car speakers to buy, the first concern that you will have to keep in mind is the product’s features. So, here is a list of the top most features of the Infinity KAPPA 300W and their functions:

  • Easily fits factory speaker locations – Car speaker sizes are very crucial when it comes to choosing the right brand. Unlike other car speakers, the KAPPA 300W is a car speaker that fits right in both 6’’ x 8’’ and 5’’ x 7’’ factory speaker locations, which are typical in today’s vehicular transports.
  • Clearer sound quality – This product assures to deliver a much clearer sound quality from the lows, mids, and highs.
  • High resistance from environmental extremes – This product contains very high resistance from environmental limits. Because it is strong and well-built, it can surpass any limits a moving car may come across.
  • Speaker is ideal for any install – The KAPPA 300W is perfect for any setup. Even from simple systems driven with a head-unit that utilizes factory amplifier power.
  • 20 mm coaxially mounted UniPivot™ tweeter – This soft-dome fabric diaphragm improves the speaker’s extensive high-frequency dispersion and power handling.
  • Speaker contains high-end materials – Some of these materials are the speaker’s low-loss air-core inductors and low-hysteresis polypropylene capacitors.

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Infinity KAPPA682.11CF Reviews

With the many positive reviews about the Infinity KAPPA 300W, we give this product a 9 out of 10 rating. One satisfied customer has highly recommended this car speaker brand for its crystal clear sound quality.

The speaker gives off a crisp sound and the lows, mids and highs can be easily heard. Aside from that, its power handling capacity is likewise worth the notice.

Things to Improve

There really isn’t much negative to say about this product as it is definitely one of the best car speakers out there.

But one very minor downside about this product, according to one purchaser, is that it’s not really designed for low volume system. However, this slight glitch can easily be resolved by a well-working amplifier.

Plus, once amped, the Infinity KAPPA 300W can perform better than ever before. All the more, the sound quality it provides is superb and its reliability is certainly not one to question.


The Infinity KAPPA 682.11cf is truly a speaker worthy of every car and sound enthusiast’s money and interest. Truly, when in terms of high-quality speakers that can carry great sound, this product belongs to the top of the list.

This car speaker is considered as among of the best 6×8 car speakers in the market these days. It contains very high suggested amplifier power that reaches up to 300 Watts. Not to mention its strength and resilience to any kind of environmental extremities that may come along.

With this in mind, one no longer need to think twice and take a look at which car speakers are worth their investment. Because surely, the Infinity KAPPA 300W is first on the list.

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