Innovited AC 55W HID Xenon Conversion Kit Review

The Innovited AC 55W HID Conversion Kit allows you to get the best out of HID lights. Use this kit to install HID lights in your car and you will see why it’s one of the best in the market.

Another advantage of this product is how it is quite energy efficient. It uses 35% less power and it also produces less heat whenever it’s being utilized. HID lights can last longer than regular halogen bulbs, so you will really get more bang for your buck.

If you are driving your car at night, you have to make sure that you have headlights that are bright enough to see far distances, especially if you are on mountainous areas. HID headlights have become popular because it gives off the kind of light that is almost similar to daylight. The difference between HID lights over other types is that it uses gas rather than a filament (traditionally seen in halogen bulbs).

For HID lights, electricity goes into a glass chamber filled with gas (Xenon) which then gives off light. These lights are pretty advantageous for night time driving, and they are quite useful for not just on rough terrains but also on roads that are unlit. It doesn’t just provide safety and security, it also makes your car look really awesome.

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51ks7t26KVL 255W HID Bulbs

The Innovited AC 55W allows you to install HID lights on your car which can last for about 5500 hours. The HID bulbs also come with a plastic and rubber gasket. This will help create a tighter fit on your headlight when you are assembling it. This process gets rid of dust and it also prevents humidity. These bulbs also give out such bright light that it really does give you security when you travel at night.

55 Watts AC Ballast

Ballasts are quite important because it regulates electricity, and therefore prevents your lights from overheating. The ballasts that are included in this kit are quite waterproof. The kit comes with a rubber sealant, mounting plate and screws so you will make sure that your ballast is safe from the elements. The Innovited AC 55W has one of the sturdiest and most high-quality ballasts in the market.

Innovited AC 55W HID Features and Specifications

  • Power Wattage: 55W/12 Volts
  • Ave/Max Current of 4.2A/8.2A
  • Service Life of 5,500 Hours or 229 Days
  • Operating Temperature: -40 to 105 Degrees
  • Comes With A Warranty

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Innovited AC 55W HID Reviews And Ratings

A lot of customers have had a positive response when they bought this device. One user commented that he was really impressed with the customer service when he called about small issues that he had with his kit. He was able to get a replacement for a couple of parts and once he had done that, he was able to easily install the device. He is also very impressed with the quality because it’s quite sturdy. Another user also liked the fact that Innovited AC 55W’s ballasts are working perfectly and it didn’t have any dimming or flickers. It’s not surprising why so many people are impressed with this product. If you are looking for lighting that can help you when you travel during night time, you will surely be satisfied with this product in the same way as its numerous users have. Reviewers have rated the Innovited AC 55W HID Kit a 9/10.

Things To Improve

A lot of people have generally loved using this product but there are some users who have found some things that needed improvement. One user commented that he had a little trouble with the instructions but he was able to address the confusion when he contacted customer service. Another person commented that his kit didn’t install properly since the root of the problem was that he wasn’t able to check the polarity.

You can avoid this problem in the future if you check the polarity first before proceeding with the next step of the installation process. The product also includes a warranty feature so if you have any problems with the device, you can have parts replaced if they aren’t working properly. These cases are quite isolated but the good thing is that these problems can be addressed by the customer support team.


It is quite essential to be able to drive at night with really good headlights. HID lights are really popular because they give off good lighting that can almost be compared with daylight. Customer service is also the best because your concerns are addressed directly. You can now feel safe when you travel at night or going to rough mountainous terrain.

If you are not familiar with the installation, you can always ask for assistance from an expert to do the work for you. There’s a good reason why so many people now prefer using HID lights. Innovited AC 55W HID kitInnovited AC 55W HID kit will be able to help you get good lighting for sure.

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