Intex 29023E Solar Pool Cover Review

Several solar pool cover has already been introduced in the market, and the Intex solar cover is probably one of the most famous among all of them.

Intex is pretty much a household name for commercial owners and homeowners alike. Intex is one of the leaders in making above-ground pools or inflatable pools.

The Intex solar pool cover is made from a unique material called polyvinyl chloride (PVC). The PVC material itself has very high thermal resistance; thus, it acts like a solar heater.

It can capture and trap the heat which can then warm the pool all throughout the day. This can give you a well-heated pool without the use of electricity.

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Unlike its competitor products which mostly rely on their tiny air bubbles to capture and transmit heat, the Intex pool cover relies heavily on its material’s ability to capture and retain heat. Hence, it allows it to last even longer as compared with other competing pool covers.

The material of the Intex cover lets the pool’s water keep warm so you could swim even on a cold day. This pool cover has coverage of 15 ft diameter. This is perfect for family-sized round pools.

Pool Protection

Another major function of the Intex pool cover is to protect the pool’s water from unwanted debris like leaves, branches, and dirt. This pool cover works efficiently in keeping off the dirt away from the water.

This also prevents water evaporation so you don’t have to refill the pool frequently so you can actually save not only electricity but also water.

The material used for the cover is of very high quality. It is made up of very lightweight material; thus, if it is not being used, it can easily be stored in the handy bag that is included when you buy this product. And if you want to use it again, it can easily be set up too.

Intex 29023E Solar Pool Cover Features and Specifications

  • Retains solar heat for 10-ft round swimming pools
  • 95 percent reduced evaporation; heat retention
  • Carry bag storage included to store the product when not being used
  • Fits perfectly inside edge of pool; floats in place
  • Light weight and can easily be stored if not being used
  • Canadian PMRA registered (#24583)

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Intex 29023E Solar Pool Cover Reviews

The Editor Rating for the Intex solar pool cover is 8.2/10. The high rating also equates with the customer reviews which are mostly positive feedback.

One very satisfied customer said that it heated their pool from 72 degrees to 90 degrees in one day. Even when there were strong winds, the pool cover has not been blown off.

There is one customer who commented that it is very lightweight yet it is very durable.

Another happy customer really loves the Intex pool cover. Aside from keeping the pool really warm, it is also keeping the leaves away from the water because of this cover. According to the customer, the water is almost lukewarm. In the past, according to her, it was chilly getting into the water, but now, the pool remains warm even when the fall season is starting, and one can still swim and sunbathe in.

One customer said that they have been using their Intex pool cover for years, and it is still working perfectly as when they first got it. This pool cover truly exceeded their expectations.

Things to Improve

One customer complained that the size is a bit off than what they are intended for. She suggested that it will be better to buy a much bigger size than your pool size so you could anchor weights on edges to hold it in place.

This is just one minor complaint as compared with all the good things about the Intex cover. It is something that can be easily fixed.

Actually, there were already several recommendations that it is always better to get the next size after your actual pool size. The Intex pool cover’s positive benefits can overshadow this little issue.


Overall, the Intex solar cover for 15 ft diameter pool saves electricity and water and also helps keep the pool dirt-free and clean while keeping it warm for your next swim. All of these benefits are in this pool cover at a very affordable price.

Are you looking for the perfect solar pool cover? Know more about the Intex solar pool cover and compare it with the other solar pool covers and blankets by reading more solar pool cover reviews.

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