Ion Audio iPA30 Bluetooth Speaker System Review

The Ion Audio iPA30 Bluetooth Speaker System is the ally of music lovers who work on construction sites, doing home improvement projects or just working in their garage. Job Rocker is a Bluetooth worksite radio that has outstanding built-in battery power and last longer than the work you might do. The Ion Audio Job Rocker is encased in heavy duty steel handles and corner bumps as its metal housings, allowing it to handle the use and abuse from the workplace, making it ultimately safe to use in any worksite.

The purpose of this review is to showcase the features of the Ion Audio iPA30 Job Rocker, as well as the comments (negative or positive) by those who bought or used thí beast. Hopefully, this review will be able to help you decide if buying Ion Job Rocker is worth it. So let us start with the important features of the Ion Audio iPA30 Job Rocker.

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Ion Audio iPA30 Job Rocker

Bluetooth Wireless Technology

Going wireless is always the better way to go for worksite radios and Ion Job Rocker has presented us with such. You can pair any Bluetooth device with the Ion Job Rocker to play your music from those devices. Since it uses Bluetooth, no physical connections or wires will be used.

Your iPhone, iPad or Android device may even be 100 feet away from the Job Rocker, and it will still continue playing. Besides its Bluetooth connection feature, it also has a built-in radio, AM or FM. It also has six preset buttons to save your favorite stations.

Heavy Powered

Job Rocker is a powerful 50-watt speaker which also equates to enough power to play up to 50 hours. This is 525% better than the average playing hours of different speakers. It also has two AC outlets that can be used to power other tools or recharge any tool or device. The 50-watt batteries are rechargeable, of course.

See a close-up view at the Ion Audio iPA30 from this short clip:

Ion Audio iPA30 Features and Specs

Just to make sure we do not miss anything, here is a full list of the Ion Job Rocker’s product features and specifications:

  • Wirelessly plays music from your iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch and Android devices through Bluetooth
  • Built-in battery lasts up to 50 hours
  • With durable wooden cabinets
  • With rugged steel handles, full-length metal grille and protective corner bumpers to allow use and abuse in the worksite
  • Built-in digital AM and FM radio
  • Six preset buttons and rubber antenna
  • Portable and rechargeable and can be used outdoors or indoors
  • Can be remotely controlled from an iOS, Android, Windows, Mac and PC Application
  • Dimensions of 15 x 14.5 x 12 inches
  • Weighs 21 pounds

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Ion Audio iPA30 Reviews

From a total of 332+ reviews on Ion Job Rocker, it earned an editor rating of 4.4 out of 5 stars. First and foremost, a lot of customers have found it easy to use, with a great look even if orange is not for everybody. Most of the positive reviews from customers have said that the Ion Job Rocker’s audio is loud and clear with a great bass as well.

With this loudness and clarity, it can handle playing outdoors (such as campsites, parties, and even volleyball games) or indoors, basically, every environment, as stated by another customer. Some of the customers have also noted that there were no distortions even at high volumes. Customers have also confirmed that the batteries do last long.

Things to Improve

Amongst all the positive reviews given by the customers, some of the flaws or downsides of the product were also raised. One of the issues raised by some of the customers were the AC outlets. Although Ion made it clear that the AC outlets will not be active unless the Job Rocker is also plugged in, some customers were disappointed that the Job Rocker cannot use its batteries to power the outlets.

A second issue is its weight. Again, Job Rocker weighs 21 pounds, although it is entirely portable, some customers have complained that it was heavy to carry around.


Ion Audio iPA30 Job Rocker indeed is a great worksite radio that uses Bluetooth technology to keep things wireless and hassle-free in the workshop. With its long-lasting batteries that can last for two-straight days, the men and women who use it will be able to enjoy it’s loud and clear sound during work or their after work activities.

And with its durability through its chrome-steel make as well as its rugged steel handles and protective corner bumpers, you would not have to worry about using it in the workshop, indoors and outdoors. With this, we most definitely think that Ion Audio iPA30 is worth it. Do check out other best jobsite radio reviews here.

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