IRWIN Tools 6-Inch Heavy Duty Workshop Vise Review

The IRWIN Tools 6-Inch Heavy Duty Workshop Vise is the bench vise that one should definitely take a look at. It is durable bench vise that you are going to use for a long time. It has a hard cast iron body and high-pressure clamps specifically made to endure 3000 pounds of pressure. Just the weight of the bench vise itself already speaks of quality. We made it go through different hardcore tests and the bench vise still didn’t bulge. We did not even make a dent.


Aside from that, other heavy-duty features of note is its covered screw design that calls for less maintenance and lubrication, and the tough installation lugs that it comes with. Just make sure to install it on a heavy-duty surface as well, for you and your product’s safety.

The bench vise that we have mentioned above currently ranks on top of a lot of vise reviews that is why we decided to get one for ourselves to check it out.

Heavy Duty Feature #1: The Cast Iron Body

As we have said above, a bench vise should be reliable and sturdy, and the IRWIN Tools Workshop Vise is surely one with its cast iron body. It has a nice weight too it, which gives you a real feel of quality. It has an impressive high tolerance rate to pressure which means that even with the most extreme project, your vise would not get distorted.

Heavy Duty Feature #2: The High-Pressure Clamps

Like its cast iron body, the clamps on this bench vise are also made to tolerate high-pressure. In fact it can take as much as 3000 pounds of pressure and still remain solid and sturdy. In this way, you can use this baby not just to hold materials but to bend things as well.

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More Features

Aside from the two features that we have already mentioned above, allow us to share with you the other features of the IRWIN Tools 6-Inch Heavy Duty Workshop Vise:

  • 6-inch jaws. Comfortably work with small to medium-sized projects with its 6-inch jaws. It is actually one of the most affordable in the market given this jaw size. In fact, some vises may even be more expensive than this one with only fixed 5-inch jaws.
  • Swiveling base. You can move the base into the position that you want with the 180-degree swiveling base of this bench vise.
  • Covered screw design. The IRWIN Tools 6-Inch Heavy Duty Workshop Vise was made with no internal parts left uncovered. In this way, you are sure that it requires less maintenance than others and less need for regular lubrication.
  • Sturdy installation. This bench vise comes with four lugs which allow you to firmly install this on a tough surface. The base can also be locked in place by the locking pins that come with it. You must place it on either side to make sure that it doesn’t move.

Irwin Tools Reviews

In order to make a thorough review, we have also taken into account the opinion of other users who have bought this contraption, and we have seen on Amazon that it was rated highly getting a 4.6 out of 5 stars which is actually excellent compared to the reviews received by other bench vises out in the market.

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The Cons

The only thing that we have noticed on the customer reviews coming from the people who bought this vise from Amazon is that they received an item that was different from what was pictured. There were some complaints from people receiving a different model with different measurements.

With that being said, we really cannot hold the bench vise accountable for that. In any case, as for the performance – everyone who received the product in a good state were perfectly happy for the performance of the product, like us!


As what we have already mentioned, we appreciate that the IRWIN Tools have produced a good and reliable bench vise that is also easy on the budget. We went as far as doing different things to it, just to test its durability – and still it did not budge, not even a small dent.

We also got our hands dirty and tested it on different projects already before finally writing this review, and all we can say is that we are really impressed by its performance. Even a few projects after (and we are telling you, these are not merely simple ones, these projects were hardcore and required a really heavy-duty bench vise) it still looked like new.

Hence, if you are thinking of purchasing a hardcore bench vise for your all-around project needs, then we totally recommend you buy this one.

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