IV2 936 Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmet Review

Riding motorcycles can be exciting but can be dangerous as well, that’s why it is important to use a high-quality helmet like IV2 Modular Flip-Up Helmet Model # 936. This helmet has inner lining with built-in EPS impact absorption.

Aside from its protective qualities, this IV2 Modular helmet comes in a sleek design. Its scratch-proof face shield gives the rider clearer vision. It has waterproof controls that are really useful during rainy day rides.

This helmet can also be used with any Bluetooth device so, you can sync it with most Bluetooth-capable gadgets or devices for communication or entertainment during long rides.

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Reinforced Protection

According to the website hg.org, “The use of the safety helmet is the single most critical factor in the prevention or reduction of head injury.” This is why it is very important that the helmet you are using is of high quality and is durable. IV2 Modular helmet model 936 is using EPS technology in its inner lining for impact absorption. EPS (Expanded Polystyrene) is composed of tough and rigid closed-cell foam material. The outer shell is made of an advanced thermoplastic component.

Both the EPS material and the advanced thermoplastic component are very lightweight. Thus, they make the IV2 helmet 936 very tough yet very comfortable to wear. This DOT-certified helmet also has a D-ring strap that’s made from stainless steel. Its face shield has anti-scratch properties as well which can give you better vision when driving your motorcycle.

Bluetooth Compatible

The IV2 flip-up 936 is a helmet compatible with most third-party Bluetooth devices. This can be linked with most of the Bluetooth devices and gadgets around. With this helmet, you can definitely answer phone calls or listen to your favorite music while still riding your motorcycle. You no longer have to miss those important calls if you have this helmet.

Hi-Tech Design

The IV2 modular helmet comes with a single push button flip-up feature which allows the quick conversion from full face to open face in just a few seconds. It also has easy-open air vents, which are designed for functionality and durability as they provide maximum air circulation. It can keep you warm during cold days and can keep you cool during warm days.

Also, you don’t have to worry about having a smelly helmet. This is because its inner pads are also removable so you can clean and wash them.

The IV2 modular helmet sizing is based on the fit that is acceptable for the majority and is standard to the industry. If you have a particular preference for the fit, it is advisable that you order a larger or a smaller size whichever is appropriate for you.

IV2 936 Modular/Flip-Up Features and Specifications

  • Single push button, flip-up system that converts helmet to open-face from full-face
  • Waterproof controls
  • EPS technology for Impact Absorption Inner Liner with lightweight and durable shell
  • Removable and Washable lining
  • Scratch-proof face shield and visor to give the rider better vision
  • Bluetooth compatible (Note: Bluetooth device is sold separately)

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IV2 936 Modular/Flip-Up Reviews

This helmet has a very high Editor Rating of 8.6/10. One rider using this helmet said that it appears to be even better compared to the more expensive ones that he owns. According to him, the pads feel more comfortable and secure. It fits him perfectly and he feels more protected.

Another rider said that he was surprised at how much of the very loud road noise it was able to cut down. He also praised the IV2 flip-up helmet for being able to keep his face and ears warm on a very cold freeway.

The majority of the reviews state that this is a very excellent helmet for its price and can really compete with those pricey ones.

Things to Improve

One negative thing about it is that, as described by one rider, you have to use both of your hands to close the face and chin shield straight down. Otherwise, one of the latches will not close properly. However, this is only a minor issue which can easily be disregarded as the other features make up for this little complaint.

Overall, the IV2 modular helmet, with its reinforced protection, is a very high-quality helmet. It will give you the protection that you really need and deserve at a very fair price.


The IV2 Modular Flip-Up Helmet Model # 936 is really one of the best helmets in the market today. The reinforced protection features of this helmet truly make it a top notch product at a very reasonable price. This quality product can really meet or even exceed your expectations.

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