IV2 953 Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmet Review

The IV2 Modular Model 953 is a Bluetooth helmet that has a VIPE feature. Aside from this, it is also very lightweight. The design of this helmet is indeed an eye-catcher. People will surely appreciate how it complements the design and color of the motorcycles.

The design of this helmet is a full mask, making it truly safe to wear by everyone. You simply need to flip it open in order to use it. This is one of the things that you will surely like with IV2 Modular Model 953 – its simplicity.

Another feature that you will find useful is its retractable sun visor. The visor is anti-scratch, so you don’t need to worry that it might get blurred from scratches. It will remain as clear as crystal.

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Breathability and Freshness Features

The IV2 Modular Mode 953 is a helmet you can use if you are looking for proper ventilation and breathability. There are people who feel burdened whenever they wear a helmet because of the suffocating feel. Well, that’s actually very normal. However, IV2 would like to give comfort to its user, which is why they have improved the breathability of their helmets.

You can find ten venting ports in the helmet. They are meant for good ventilation for extended hours on the road. It is very important for the user to have ample amount of air in order to retain his stamina. This helmet will allow you to breathe normally without difficulty. The ports are the passageway for the air. Two or three are enough, but ten is incredibly convenient.

Aside from this, the helmet has a flip-up action. You can simply flip it open half-way if you like to breath fresh air from the surroundings. It is indeed very convenient to use if you are planning to have a long trip ahead.

EPS Impact Absorption

In order to minimize the effect of a crash or an impact from an accident, IV2 Modular Model 953 has an EPS Impact Absorption. You might be wondering about this feature. The acronym EPS stands for Expanded Polystyrenes. This is an impact-mitigating material for a helmet. The external force will be redistributed into a larger area in order to lessen the impact on the skull.

It also has the capacity to reduce the impact on your skull. The redistributed force will then be limited because of the set upper limit. These two functions are meant to lessen the impact on the skull by breaking the concentration of the G force from the crash.

If the helmet crashes, it will be bed-down to distribute the force in a projected area. That is how the IV2 Modular Model 953 works for the safety of its wearers. It is indeed very important to give protection on your head when you are riding a motorcycle. This helmet will surely reduce an impact if ever an accident would strike in an unelected time.

It is always better to exercise preventive measures before it is too late. If you are looking for added safety, then the IV2 Modular Model 953 is the right fit for you.

IV2 Modular Model 953 Features & Specifications

  • Available in different sizes – you can choose from small, medium, large, and X-large.
  • Flip-up System – converts the mask from a flip-up to a full-face helmet. You can also use this feature for breathability purposes.
  • Wireless Bluetooth – this has an intercom and headset features as well.
  • Hands-free calling – you don’t need to use your hands while driving when you want to make a call.
  • Available in Viper Green Color

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IV2 Modular Model 953 Reviews

This helmet from IV2 was able to receive a rating of 8 out of 10 from the users. The majority of the users love its breathability. They are able to maximize it during their long drive on the road. Some of them prefer to have it only half-way up.

Another review mentioned that the wireless Bluetooth is indeed exceptional. It will work even on rainy days. The reception is also not affected by extreme weather, according to this user. He also noted that during the winter season, he can use it as a snow helmet. Indeed, he is very satisfied with its performance.

One user mentioned that he has an accident before while driving along the highway. He was wearing the IV2 Modular Model 953 helmet that time. He is really thankful because he only experienced minor sprains. Surprisingly, he didn’t suffer any injury on his head. According to him, his confidence on this helmet increased after that incident.

Things to Improve

You must note that the Bluetooth system is not pre-installed in this helmet. You need to do it yourself. There is an instruction guide on how to install it, though.


If you are searching for a helmet that will boost your style, then the IV2 Modular Model 953 helmet should be on top of your list. It also offers good ventilation for longer trips. If you want to know more about this helmet, check out the best bluetooth motorcycle reviews for added information.

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