IV2 936 Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmet Review

The IV2 Modular Flip-up Helmet is a model that boasts its anti-scratch technology. What is the benefit of this feature? If your face shield is scratch–free, your visibility will be maintained. Scratches make the shield look blurred and that will affect the visibility of the wearer. Another great thing about this helmet is that it has waterproof controls. This is an important feature during rainy days.

There are myriad of features in this Bluetooth helmet that makes it as one of the best Bluetooth helmets in the market. You will surely benefit from the different controls that you can manipulate in this helmet. You get to taste the essence of technology with this device. It will not only give you the value of your money but enjoyable riding experience as well.

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ABS Thermal Composite Shell

The IV2 Modular Flip-up helmet uses a thermal composite shell for its material. The ABS is a kind of resin used for making different equipment. The good thing about this material is that it is highly resistant to impact. Aside from this, it has the ability to resist heat. This is the reason why wearing IV2 Modular Flip-up helmet is very comfortable even if the sun is striking hot.

The IV2 Modular Flip-up helmet also boasts its composite make-up. To give a little background, composite materials are made by combining two materials with different properties. It can either be physical or chemical properties. Through this process, a new composition is formed. The result is a better version of the original composition.

This helmet will surely provide you the security that you need. If you are searching for a helmet that will ensure your life and safety, then go for IV2 Modular Flip-up helmet. The materials used in making it are guaranteed to be of good quality. You will not only enjoy the ride but the fact that you are safe as well.

Sweat Absorbing Inner Liner

This helmet has the ability to absorb sweat excreted by the wearer. It is unavoidable that riders will sweat a lot because of the heat of the sun. Aside from this, the motorcycle cloth can make the wearer feel so hot, not to mention the helmets trap heat.

IV2 designed this helmet with the ability to absorb sweat. The lining inside the helmet effectively absorbs the sweat with its porous surface. This helps in increasing the visibility of the user. It also helps in preventing accidents caused by poor visibility.

Even though you are sweating and feeling hot, this helmet ensures that you will be comfortably dry. You don’t need to wipe your face from time to time because of sweat. If you are searching for a helmet that will give you this advantage, the IV2 Modular Flip-up helmet is the one you are searching for.

IVS Modular Flip-up Helmet Features & Specifications

  • Matte Black Helmet – this helmet has a matte finish for a classic look. It will surely fit the outfit of motorcycle riders.
  • It has the approval of DOT.
  • Flip-up Function – this has an easy flip-up function for easy opening of the helmet.
  • Eagle Eyes – this is an all-new design of the helmet.
  • EPS Impact absorbing functionality
  • Washable interior – this helmet allows you to wash the inner interior after using it a couple of times.
  • Ventilation – the air can move freely with this helmet. You will be provided with good air flow.
  • Sweat Absorbing Liner – this helmet absorbs sweat for convenience.
  • D-strings strap for security – it will be securely fastened through the use of D-strings.
  • Cloth Helmet bag

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IV2 Modular Flip-up Helmet Reviews

This Bluetooth helmet was given a rating of 8.5 out of 10 by most of the users. The IV2 Modular Flip-up helmet is praised by most of the customers because of the wide array of features it offers. One of the highlights in the review is its flip-up function. Users are very satisfied with its convenience.

One user noted that he has a job that requires him to be on the road 10 hours a day. He rides the motorcycle to go from one city to another. He noted that this helmet has never failed him. He was able to use it both for rainy and sunny days. He also praised the sweat absorbent lining of this helmet.

Another user noted that he can easily remove the interior for washing purposes. He said that he really values cleanliness, and it makes him very satisfied with this helmet.

Things to Improve

If there is one thing to improve with this Bluetooth helmet, then it will be its screws for the flip-up action. Some users noted that it loosen up whenever they flip-up the helmet. The maker should provide screws that will fit to avoid getting loosened up.


If you are searching for a Bluetooth helmet that will offer you a wide array of features, then the IV2 Modular Flip-up helmet is the right fit for you. Its unique features will really amaze you. Aside from that, there are added features for the convenience of the users. Try to learn more about this product by checking the best bluetooth motorcycle helmet reviews.

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