IV2 SMH5+953 Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmet Review

In riding motorcycles, one must always have the best protection for the head like the one you could get from the IV2 Modular Flip-Up Helmet Model # 953. This helmet is made with an inner lining that has built-in EPS for impact absorption in an event of a motorcycle crash or unwanted accidents that can affect the head.

This IV2 Modular helmet not only has high-quality protective features, it also comes in a very cool sleek design. It is very stylish with its viper decal, which makes it a really eye-catching helmet.

This helmet comes with the SENA SMH5 Wireless Bluetooth 3.0 headset and intercom for better communication while driving.

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Impact Absorption

To lessen the impact of a crash, IV2 helmet 953 is built using the EPS (Expanded Polystyrene) technology. The EPS is made up of very tough foam material which is very light yet durable. It can redistribute the impact into a larger area to mitigate the effect on the skull.

Using this helmet will not only make you feel safe and secure but will truly give you the protection you deserve. It is always better to have preventive measures instead of being sorry as we all know that riding motorcycles, though fun and exciting, can really be dangerous.

Very Good Ventilation System

It is important for a rider to have the proper ventilation with the helmet being used. With no proper airflow, one would feel suffocated or it can also be too warm or too cold depending on the weather situation.

The IV2 Modular helmet model 953 has a very good airflow system. With 10 vents around the helmet, this will surely give the rider the breathability when traveling.

And if the 10 vents are not enough for you, you may easily retract open the visor or flip the helmet’s face open since it is a modular helmet.

Bluetooth and Intercom

The IV2 flip-up 953 helmet comes with a Bluetooth headset and intercom so you can still communicate properly even when driving. Although the Bluetooth device is not pre-installed, there is a detailed installation guide that is included to assist you.

Once the Bluetooth headset is installed, you can configure this to connect with any Bluetooth-capable gadget or device and make phone calls while driving. The person who called you will not be able to tell that you are driving. You can also listen to your favorite songs or music while traveling on the motorcycle.

The intercom, on the other hand, can be used to communicate with your passenger or fellow rider who’s also using this kind of helmet with intercom features. This is an advantage especially when there’s too much road or wind noise.

IV2 SMH5+953 Features and Specifications

  • Modular helmet with one-button, one-hand Flip-up design which converts it from full-face to open-face
  • Comes with SENA SMH5 Wireless Bluetooth 3.0 headset with intercom functionalities
  • EPS technology on the inner liner for impact absorption and mitigation
  • Lightweight but durable shell made from advanced thermoplastic technology
  • Removable and washable inner linings and pads
  • Advanced airflow system with 10 vents for breathability

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IV2 SMH5+953 Reviews

This helmet has an Editor Rating of 7.8/10. Several riders have commented that the helmet is very light and comfortable to wear. One rider mentioned that he had several helmets over the years and this one definitely tops them all.

The Bluetooth capabilities are also being praised. One rider said that the Bluetooth works wonders and it sounds really good for the price.

The stylish look of the IV2 flip-up helmet 953 is also being commended. The decals on the helmet really look good and can boost the rider’s confidence.

Things to Improve

One minor thing that can be improved on is the Bluetooth installation guide or process. This is one common complaint from users who are not really technically-inclined. They can sometimes be intimidated by things needed to be installed on their own.

However, this is a very little issue which is only a trouble at first. Once the Bluetooth device is already installed, it works fantastically, as one rider described it. With all the other major features of the IV2 modular flip-up helmet, it is truly one of the best Bluetooth helmets in the market today.


The IV2 Modular Flip-Up Helmet Model # 936 is a DOT-certified helmet that can give you the protection and style at the same time. It has the reinforced protection qualities which make this helmet among the best of its kind. The Bluetooth and intercom features are a plus because these features will let you take important calls while driving and even listen to music during long rides.

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