JET JML 1014I Indexing Mini Lathe

The JET JML1014I mini lathe is the newest of the JET products in the market and is now making headlines as it continues the legacy of the first-ever JET mini lathe.  It has made some significant improvements from the previous versions that now it comes with a removable pin and a tailstock that has a self-eject capacity. Not only that, it has a very strong ½ horsepower motor with six-speed options to suit all your needs.

This new unit is so user-friendly even beginners have found it easy to use in their workshops at home.  Imagine all the woodwork you can do with this new lathe which is setting the latest standard for its kind with its indexing capabilities for a fast and efficient fluting and even veining operations, and a spindle lock which makes it easier for you to remove faceplates, chucks, etc. with one hand.  Don’t worry. We’ll get more in-depth with its features as we continue this review.

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An Innovation to a Best-Seller

The JET JML-1014I Mini Lathe, as a new unit from the JET collection of mini lathes, still has the reliable features of the original JET lathe but with some more improvements, like a live center with a removable pin, and a self-ejecting tailstock which is for a safe and an easy removal of tooling. This new JET mini lathe is quite ideal for your shop at home as this compact tool offers six (6) operating speeds.  It also has a stable and durable design for all of your lathing projects.

Powerful Motor

Stock up to ten (10) inches in diameter with fourteen (14) inches in length is no big deal with this new lathe.  This JET JML-1014I has a powerful 1/2 horsepower (HP) motor which can offer you six (6) speeds and an adjustment handle that is motor tilting.  Its motor gives you the flexibility you need for all of your projects and materials without even bogging down your lathe.

JET JML 1014I Features & Specifications

  • The lathe bed, headstock, and tailstock are both made of a reliable cast iron material which provides your required rigidity, strength and stability as your work since it limits the vibrations in your workstation while you are using the mini lathe. At the same time, it gives you the precise results you need for your projects.
  • Hollow tailstock – .This feature in the JET JML mini lathe allows you to do some of the long hole borings that you want and which you may need for making those lamps and other vessels. The live center’s removable pin, on the other hand, bore through stock which helps you complete your projects so much more quickly and easily.
  • Quick release levers – The tool allows you to quickly and more accurately position your tool rest and tailstock with its quick release lever feature.
  • Muscle power of a motor – It has 1/2-horsepower (HP) totally enclosed, fan cooled (TEFC) motor powers with six (6) spindle speeds ranging available in different rotations per minute.
  • The JET product includes a tool rest which is six inches big, and a live center, as mentioned above. It also has a three (3)-inch face plate and an available spur center. A tooling knockout and a pair of safety goggles are also provided for your safety.

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JET JML 1014I Reviews

With thirty-nine (39) customers who submitted their review of this product, the JET JML mini lathe received a rating of 4.3 stars out of a possible five stars on average.  Some users mentioned that the lathe was not as small as they thought it was and that it “can do some pretty big work if and when you want it to.”  It was even pointed out by one customer that, in some instances, “it has performed equal to if not better than the big’ lathes he has previously used.

Things to Improve

As with other products, this mini lathe is not immune to the critical eye.  A considerable problem with the JET JML mini lathe would be its motor, concerning its heat production or heat dissipation.   The warm surface of the lathe, as a result, makes it sometimes uncomfortable to work with it.  Some of its parts which are to be assembled were also sometimes loose and chipped some small areas of paint, and the keeper bolt which is for the tailstock is also sometimes stripped.


With its innovative features and quiet motor, working with this mini lathe can be the most convenient work experience one could have.  It is compact, lightweight and made exactly for its users that novice and veterans alike will not have any problem with doing their many projects with the JET JML mini lathe.

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