JKS 9904 Jeep Lift Kit Review

The JKS 9904 is a kind of suspension lift that has the ability to give more clearance. It can lift vehicles of up to 2 inches. Although it is much cheaper than the other suspension lifts in the market, its performance should not be undermined. The main highlight of this device is its ability to alter the clearance of the chassis. This is the reason why modifications are no longer needed to start the task.

If you are looking for a jeep lift that will not cost you an arm and a leg, then you should go for this body lift device. The materials of this device are guaranteed to be of high-quality. You can be relieved to think that you will be able to use this for a longer period of time. The Dura-Thane is indeed a very reliable material in terms of strength.

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Easy Installation Procedure

The installation procedure is very easy to do. You will surely find it easy to follow. When you avail this lift system, there will be an instruction guideline that contains all the details for the installation process. This is also a reason why first-time users of JKS 9904 find it simple to do.

It would only take barely an hour to finish the installation stage. If you have all the necessary parts, then you will surely be able to finish this in no time. The key technique here is to prepare all the parts and tools prior to the installation. Review the instruction guidelines and be sure that you understand all the steps.

Some other suspension lift systems have a tedious process. Their installation process is so complicated that beginners will surely find it hard to do without the assistance of an expert. The simplicity of JKS 9904 serves as its edge with other suspension lift systems.

2” Lift for Vehicles Plus the Long Suspension Arm

This vehicle has the capacity to lift vehicles for about 2 inches. This is already good enough to cater the needs of some jeep wrangler models. The JKS 9904 suspension system is a highly efficient suspension system for certain Jeep models. Though other models are able to lift it higher, the capacity of JKS 9904 should not be undermined.

Another thing that you will like about this is its weight. It is lighter than the other brands of suspension lift systems in the market. You will not have a difficult time in installing it because it is not as heavy as the other brands.

Aside from this, the structure of this suspension lift is designed to give ease of use to the consumers. The lift it is able to cater is primarily used for common Jeep models. The body structure is the right fit for most of the jeep models. You will surely love working with this suspension lift.

On the other hand, the long suspension arm provides more efficiency by creating more clearance space. The longer the arm is, the better performance you will get.

JKS 9904 Features & Specifications

  • Right Body Structure – this suspension lift has a good structure fit for certain Jeep models.
  • Affordability – this device is indeed very affordable. Everyone can avail it because it is a lot cheaper than the other brands in the market.
  • Easy Installation – this device is made to offer easy installation procedure. You will like how fast you could finish the installation procedure.
  • Instruction guide – when you avail this suspension lift system, you get to have your own instruction as well. You can do the installation without any assistance.
  • Improvement of the required space – like other systems, this can drastically improve the clearance space of vehicles.
  • Long arm suspension lift – for the improvement of the clearance space.

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JKS 9904 Reviews

TheJKS 9904 was able to get a rating of 7.5 out of 20 from most of the users of this product. This can be one of the most affordable suspension lift systems in the market. Many users recommend this because of the right body fit feature. They feel ease when working because the structure is very versatile, not to mention its simple design.

One user noted that it only took 90 minutes to install this suspension lift system. All the required parts are intact in the kit. He also noted that he was able to find everything he needs inside the kit.

Another user noted that this suspension kit fits his Jeep Wrangler. He is planning to buy another model, and he noted that he will use the JKS 9904 again because of its good performance.

Things to Improve

Some users of this suspension lift system noted that the instruction guide doesn’t contain how to disconnect filler tube. It will be better if the maker of this system will be able to include it in their future kits


The JKS 9904 is the perfect suspension lift system for the money. It has a good body type that will surely make it easy for you to work on it. Aside from this, it can increase the clearance of vehicle through its 2” lift capacity. Check the best Jeep lift kit reviews for more insights about this suspension lift system.

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