K40 K-30 CB Antenna Review

K40, the creator of Baseland Antenna, has created another CB radio aerial. The product we are talking about is the K-30 Magnet CB Antenna. It is a 35-inch antenna that is patterned after the aforementioned product. It took more than a decade before they released it to ensure quality and performance, and it’s worth the wait.

Because it is patterned after the Baseland Antenna, you can be sure of its quality. The CB radio antenna can handle up to 300 watts of power, allowing you to reach 20 miles. Moreover, it features a 15-foot whip, making it ideal for SUV and truck owners.

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Provides Better Communication Lines

The K-30 CB Antenna comes with an RG-58U coax cable. It is a 15-foot cable that connects your antenna to the CB radio. Moreover, it is covered with 95% coax to make it long-lasting. Its purpose is to strengthen your weak signal, allowing you to communicate wherever you are.

Apart from that, it also has a PL259 connector which improves the frequency of your radio. In that way, you can hear the other party clearly.

The K-30 Antenna also features a 300-watt handling power capability and a 15-foot stainless whip. Like other components, they help improve the communication lines.

Prevents Your Vehicle From Getting Scratched

Most CB antennas have a ball or a magnet at the tip of the whip. However, this radio aerial doesn’t possess it. Instead of a ball or a magnet, it has a 180-degree radius which picks up signals up to 20 miles.

Furthermore, the K-30 Magnet Antenna has a sturdy mount that keeps the whip stable, regardless of the circumstances. Nonetheless, it keeps your vehicle scratch-free even if you remove it.

Another unique feature of this product is portability. The antenna is easy to attach and reattach. If you have two SUVs and own one antenna, you simply need to move it to another vehicle.

K-30 Magnet CB Antenna Features and Specifications

The K-30 Magnet Mount CB Antenna offers several benefits to truck drivers and owners. However, you can’t get these perks if it wasn’t for its features. So here are the things you will get if you ever buy this package:

  • K40 Technology – an application that you can see on Baseland Antenna that allows you to have a consistent SWR reading across all 40 channels
  • Easy Tuning – eliminates cupping the whip to set the SWR
  • Computer Designed – provides better performance and accuracy
  • High-Quality Coil Wire – provides better clarity, allowing you to send and to receive messages clearly
  • 10-Ounce Magnet – makes the removal and installation process easier
  • Sturdy Magnetic Platform – keeps the antenna secure regardless of the road condition and wind strength

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K-30 Magnet CB Antenna Reviews

Judging by the reviews it received, we give K-30 an 8 out of 10 rating. Consumers seem to love this product.

One of the reviewers said he could reach 15+ miles compared to his previous antenna. He was also impressed with the aerial’s stability. According to the user, he went into the woods; hence, it bumped into the tree branches. But no matter how many times it ran into the branches, the antenna is still standing.

Another user agreed with this statement. In fact, he described it as one tough antenna. He went on rough roads, yet the antenna was still there. Thus, if you’re driving on this road condition, then you should get this set, according to the reviewer.

Things to Improve

The K-30 Mount Antenna also has some minor flaws.

One setback would be the connector. It’s shorter than other connectors used by its competitors, considering that it’s meant for heavy-duty vehicles.

Another flaw is the packaging. According to the buyer, the box was difficult to open. You need to use a pair of scissors or any sharp tool just to get the item in the box.

Nonetheless, these are only minor issues. You can still use the antenna, even if the connector is short. As for the packaging issue, you only need to open it once; thus, a little bit of struggle is fine.


The K-30 Magnet CB Antenna is one of the outstanding radio aerials on the market. It’s the only antenna that doesn’t have a ball or a magnet at its tip. It uses a 180-degree radius that lets you reach 20 miles away from your destination. Moreover, it uses the K40 technology, giving you a consistent SWR reading.

Though it is patterned after the K40 Baseland Antenna, it doesn’t mean it’s as perfect as the aforementioned model. Nonetheless, the issues of the K-30 antennas are only a minor case. Overall, it’s one of the best aerials that you will get.

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