Kenwood KFC-C6865s 6×8 Car Speaker Review

The Kenwood KFC-C6865s is one of the best sounding speakers today on the market. The product has been produced and developed by Kenwood USA. The company is among the most trusted and top makers and developers of communications equipment and consumer electronics since its foundation in 1961.

For this reason, customers can be assured that the Kenwood KFC-C6865s speakers will offer nothing but the best and highest performance. One of the most notable features the car speaker contains is the steel black basket that knowingly decreases noise cancellation. This component helps in making a far richer sound.wide orange


The Steel Black Basket

As mentioned, the KFC-C6865s contains a component called a steel black basket that reduces noise cancellation.

Noise cancellation, also known as active noise control (ANC), is the method of decreasing unwanted sound by means of adding a second sound which is designed to omit the first. This process, although may seem positive at first, can produce a rather poor sound quality.

Hence, components like the steel black basket is a great lift when it comes to reducing this so-called process of noise cancellation. Through its help, an enriched and better sound quality has been made more possible.

After all, the quality of sound a speaker can give determines whether that brand is a good car speaker or not.

2-Inch Balanced-dome Tweeters

Another feature of the product that is worth the notice is its 2-inch balanced-dome tweeters. In general, tweeter components are speaker materials that help in the production of high or intense frequencies. Most commonly, these frequencies reach from about 2,000 hertz up to 20,000 hertz.

With this feature, the Kenwood KFC-C6865s will be able to produce smooth and high audio frequencies.

Kenwood KFC-C6865s Features and Specifications

Taking a look at the product’s features is a great help in choosing the best car speaker to buy. Here are the prominent features of the KFC-C6865s.

  • 4 Speakers in one box – The Kenwood KFC-C6865s 6×8 car speaker comes with 4 speakers in one box. This is a great relief when you want to purchase a brand new speaker equipment while still saving some cash.
  • Maximum Power – This Kenwood car speaker can handle 250 Watts at its maximum power, which makes it 500 Watts each 4-pack.
  • RMS – Now, when it comes to its RMS, the product can manage 30 Watts, which is 60 Watts each 4-pack.
  • 2-inch PEI Balanced Dome Tweeter – As mentioned, this feature is responsible for producing high audio frequencies.
  • PP cone – This car speaker brand contains a PP cone also known as polypropylene. This type of component has a major advantage because they are highly damped. Because of this, the cones have a much-controlled break-up that will result to a higher frequency roll-off.
  • Mounting Depth – The mounting depth of this speaker brand is 2-5/16inch – 2”.

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Kenwood KFC-C6865s Reviews

Considering the reviews provided by many users, we give this product a 9 out of 10 rating. The Kenwood speakers promise to give great product performance and high-quality sound to its purchasers. The product likewise does a good job in upgrading factory installed speakers.

According to one user, the KFC-C6865s sounded pretty great when he used it on his own camper van. He also emphasized that the speaker’s magnets were small and fitting in .3 lbs. This is way smaller and lighter than those of the common factory speaker.

Things to Improve

Despite the good quality features and materials this product contains, it is still inevitable to find some minor flaws.

One critic said that the speaker rails off a pretty good sound and music. However, he also commented that the bass should be improved a little. He cited that the speaker’s performance may also vary on the music genre you are trying to listen to.

But all in all, the KFC-C6865s is a speaker that can soothe every car and sound enthusiast’s want for a good music while on the road.


Many users have attested that the Kenwood speakers are among the best car speaker brands out there. With its steel black basket, the sound quality will definitely be enhanced as it impeccably reduces noise cancellation. Hence, providing a much more enhanced quality of music and sound.

Also, its other features like of the 2-inch PEI Balanced-dome Tweeter is not one to forget. With the balanced-dome tweeter, the speaker is able to produce a clear and enriched level of frequencies. Hence, making the sound even better.

Surely, the Kenwood KFC-C6865s 2-Way Speaker’s sound is way refined when compared to the old-fashioned factory speakers. It contains high-end materials that enhance the speaker’s level of quality and performance.

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