KICKER DS68 6×8 Car Speaker Review

The KICKER DS68 2-Way Coaxial Speakers top the list of the most trusted car speakers in the market today. This car speaker effortlessly fits any factory-standard location, and is a great upgrade for any kind of vehicular transport.

Likewise, this 6×8 car speaker is famous for its easy handling of maximum power with 140 Watts and 70 Watts RMS per pair.

The KICKER DS68 has been chiefly-engineered to provide users a high-qualityproduct performance. With this car speaker, customers can enjoy any form of music genres in the best sound quality that exists today.wide orange


Kicker DS68’s Extended Voice Coil Technology

The product presents an EVCT or Extended Voice Coil Technology to deliver ultraclean bass. Not all car speakers found on the market contain this feature. Through the EVCT, the Kicker DS68 is able to provide listeners a clean and clear bass sound than ever before.

Plus, it also employs UV-treated ribbed surround material. This is necessary to produce more defined linear excursion with the addition of an optimal sound. With this new technology in hand, the Kicker DS68 has definitely claimed its spot on the list of the best car speakers found in the market.

Balanced-Dome Tweeter

Another notable feature about this product is its balanced-dome tweeter. This is a special type of loudspeaker intended to produce high audio frequencies.

Kicker DS68’s balanced-dome tweeter can provide realistic and incredible sound detail even at very intense frequencies.

Kicker DS68 Features and Specifications

The Kicker DS68 truly has a lot of features and advances to offer. Take a look at the list below to give you an overview of what’s inside the box.

  • 2 Brand New Pairs of Kicker DS68 – Kicker DS68 promotes a 1 buy is equal to 4 Speakers promo. Hence, you can get 2 pairs of brand new speakers in just one purchase.
  • Polypropylene woofer’s surround foam – This component makes sure that car vibrations won’t distress the sound quality.
  • 90dB sensitivity – This level of sensitivity offers tons of sounds, minus the excessive power requirement. For higher powered systems, a low sensitivity rating would work best. On the other hand, for low-powered systems, a high rating of sensitivity is advisable.
  • Drop-in factory improvement – This is crucial for a quick and easy fitment into any kind of vehicular transport.
  • Heavy-duty motor structure – It helps in maintaining the speaker’s improved performance.
  • 2-year warranty – The product’s company offers a 2-year warranty for the Kicker DS68. This snaps the usually offered 1-year warranty for most devices.

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Kicker DS68 Reviews

With all the mentioned gains one can get from purchasing the Kicker DS68, it is no wonder that this product has become famous for many car and sound aficionados. For this reason, we give this product a 9 out of 10 rating.

Many have found pleasure and satisfaction from this product. In fact, a customer who installed the speaker on his 2003 Ford E-250 cargo van has testified that the speakers were definitely of the best quality.

Its sound is much better than those of the factory model speakers. Plus, it provides a good bass and its tweeter is likewise able to give a definitely good high frequency. He added further that there were no apparent distortions as long as the sound levels were set properly.

Things to Improve

Despite its amazing features, the Kicker DS68 is not perfect, just like all the other products found on the market. Hence, it also contains some very minor glitches.

When an amp isn’t yet installed, the music will sometimes get drowned-out by the bass. But this only happens, when you set it too high. This is a slight problem that can be resolved immediately with a subwoofer.

But other than this small bug, the product is a good car speaker which does not contain any major issues.


All in all, the Kicker DS68 is indefinitely the best among the other car speaker brands found in the market. Its high-end features are great indicators that can prove this fact. With the product’s Extended Voice Coil Technology, a clear and ultraclean bass is provided.

It has received many reviews that praise its bass response. All the more, the speaker is ideal for the improvement of factory speakers. Plus, the high-fidelity sound it offers is also incredible.

The product’s balanced-dome tweeter is also not one to miss. Surely, because of this component, these coaxial speakers are able to give an enhanced and much clearer high-frequency.

With all these features and benefits, it is undeniable that the Kicker DS68 speakers are specifically engineered to give its customers the highest level of performance that they deserve.

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