Kinetik HC1400R BLU Car Battery Review

The Kinetik HC1400R is a type of battery appropriate for almost all kinds of cars. So, what makes this battery different from others? It is actually very thin compared to other batteries in the market.

This battery is noted to be the most appropriate replacement for Mitsubishi and Honda cars. It is primarily designed for high-end audio systems and installations. Although it is meant for heavy duty loads, it still remains smooth while at work.

Due to its extreme power, this battery is considered as the best and most powerful compact battery in the market. Its performance greatly defies it size.

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Kinetic Power Cells

The Kinetic Power Cells is one of the features that Kinetic HC1400R boasts. These power cells can generate as much power as they can in order to produce a highly effective and efficient performance of automobiles. It has the ability to reach up to 180dB. This is where this battery got its popularity.

Another reason for its superb recognition is the high-energy density performance. The ESR is also mind-blowing due to its ability to make this battery an outstanding audio power cell.

Nowadays, people are using high voltage amplifiers. This is the reason why Kinetic Power Cells are becoming in demand in the market. The voltage demand is also increasing that is why these power cells are highly revered to give the strongest amp.

Maintenance-Free and No-Leak Design

The Kinetic HC1400R is a battery that defies all odds because of its myriad of features. You don’t need to spend time and money in maintaining it. This battery is definitely a must-have if you are busy person who doesn’t have time to check and maintain your battery all the time.

You would also like to its non-spill feature when you install and mount this battery. You should remember that spill overs are very damaging to the battery. Since this is a compact and slim design, it is easier to mount in without any problem.

There are also fiberglass separators where cells are suspended. These cells are the reason why this battery is considered highly efficient due to its low self-charge. Aside from this, it has high cranking that exceeds the expectations of most users.

This is indeed a battery that you ought to have in your list. It’s not only highly efficient, but powerful as well.

Kinetic HC1400R Features

  • 12Vols high current power
  • Absorbed Glass Mat Steel – This is where the cells are suspended for much power and efficacy. This is also for repeated deep cycling technology.
  • Perfect replacement – This is a battery that should come first in your replacement list because of its many features.
  • Additional battery – It could function as an additional battery to enhance your high-end audio system. This is a good installation support
  • Kinetic Power Cells – These are powerful cells for highest amp capacity. This feature also makes this battery perfect for car audio system competitions.
  • Vibration-resistance – This feature decreases the effect of vibration in the engine. You will have a comfortable driving experience that is vibration-free.
  • Anti-shock – This feature reduces the shock of the engine as it runs.

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Kinetic HC1400R Reviews

The Kinetik HC1400R is a phenomenal battery. It received full marks in the customer reviews. It is justifiable because of the remarkable features that it possesses. The buyers were really amazed by the kinetic cell technology. According to them, this technology is the main edge of this battery among other lead acid batteries.

Another feedback made about this battery is the fiberglass mat. This feature allows the user to experience much of its power and high density energy through the high amp performance. All of these are greatly praised by the users.

Another user review mentioned that it actually discharges and charges efficiently. He doesn’t need to wait longer because it usually finishes charging within a couple of hours. When it is in its full charge, the user noted that the sound and audio system is at its peak. He is very happy with the performance of his Kinetic HC1400R.

One of the users also noted that acid fog is avoided because of this battery. He also liked the fact that it could be mounted in any direction that he likes. He noted that he even tried doing it upside down, and still, the battery functioned properly.

Things to Improve

The Kinetik HC1400R is indeed a highly sought-after battery. The performance is remarkably amazing. The only thing that you should consider with this product is the price. It comes with a higher tag compared to most of the batteries in the market.


If you are looking for power and performance, then the Kinetic HC1400R is the one for you. The kinetic power cells will make everything possible for you and your vehicle. If you want to know more about this amazing tool, then you should read the section for Kinetic HC1400R. The best car battery reviews are also a good read in this site.

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