Kumho Ecsta PA31 2161553 Tire Review

The Kumho Ecsta PA31 Performance Radial Tire is one of the best-selling wheels of the company. These are dedicated to mid-level sports vehicles, such as sedans and coupes. Furthermore, these tires are specifically made for wet and dry conditions, giving the driver comfort as he takes on the road.

Though it’s meant for sports cars, the Ecsta PA31 doesn’t produce a loud noise while driving. Furthermore, it lets you drive on snowy roads, allowing you to go to your destination, regardless of the weather condition. Indeed, it is the best tire replacement for your vehicle, especially if you’re always on the road.wide orange511JelHvO7L

Boasts the Latest Technology Tread Materials

The Kumho Ecsta PA31 uses superior engineering tread compound, high-performance handling, and all-season traction. When these elements are combined, it will result in a directional tread layout, which improves even wear and responsive steering. Furthermore, it enhances cornering resistance and braking traction; hence, making it easier to drive despite the road and weather conditions.

Moreover, the tread design has four circumferential and multiple cross grooves that help wash away water. Hence, it gives you full control of your car even if the road is wet.

Uses ESCOT Technology in Developing the Wheel’s Internal Structure

Aside from the advanced engineering in making tread materials, Kumho also uses ESCOT technology. It’s a secured application that helps improve tread life and steering response. Its purpose is to increase the distribution of the cord tension in the sidewall. In that way, users won’t have a problem with braking and steering the car.

Kumho Ecsta PA31 2161553 Features & Specifications

The reason Kumho PA31 is in-demand is because of the technologies that they use in making their tires. However, these aren’t the only features that you will get from this product. Below are some of the components and the advantages of using these wheels.

  • Twin Steel Belts – usually covered with nylon, these bands help enhance durability and uniformity.
  • High-density Sipes – enhance winter handling.
  • Tread Block Edges – improve grip on the road and ice during rainy and winter seasons.
  • Pitch Shoulder Blocks – reduce noise while driving.
  • Comes in Different Measurements – available in 15 to 18 inches. It allows you to get a set of tires that fit your needs.
  • 50,000-Mile Warranty – as the name suggests, it lets you drive your sports car up to 50,000 miles without a problem.wide orange

Kumho Ecsta PA31 2161553 Reviews

Considering the number of positive reviews that it receives, we give it 10 out of 10 rating. Many people who use PA31 tires are happy with it.

One of the users said that she enjoyed the ride. She got it after 2 days of purchase and she was satisfied with its performance.  Furthermore, she mentioned that it was the best tires she got.

Another user from Pennsylvania also said the same thing. According to her, she was looking for tire replacement that she could use for the winter. However, her choices were either out of stock or too expensive. So she tried this Kumho Ecsta tire.

When she started using the wheels, she was surprised by its performance. It was her first time to use this set of wheels and she was glad she tried it. She also added that she would buy this again if ever she needs another replacement.

Apart from the tire’s performance, they are also happy with the delivery and installation services. They received the product after 2 days of order and installed it. They also mentioned that it’s one of the best services that they’ve got from a tire manufacturer.

Things to Improve

Although it’s an all-season tire, it doesn’t mean it’s impeccable even if we have rated it a perfect score. Setbacks still exist.

One of which is its performance in ice and snow. As mentioned earlier, it is an all-season wheel. Hence, you should never expect that it will work on heavy snow.

Another issue is the cornering grip. According to its buyers, the cornering grip is okay. However, there’s still room for improvement as it’s still difficult to drive in snowy areas. Nonetheless, it is a good all-season tire compared to other brands that have the same price range and target market.


The Kumho Ecsta PA31 is one of the best-selling tires of the company. It uses an advanced technology in making tread compound, which improves even wear and steering. Furthermore, it applies ESCOT engineering that enhances tread life and steering response.

However, it’s not as good as snow tires, which is a common characteristic of all-season wheels. Nonetheless, it can still wash away the water and light snow. Hence, we can say that this wheel is good for daily traveling needs.

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