Laser PLS-60521 Laser Level Tool Review

The Laser PLS-60521 is the laser level you should buy if you want to simplify layout tasks and increase efficiency in any project. This laser level can be used indoors and outdoors, with a working range reaching up to 100 feet indoors and 200 feet outdoors.

This tool projects over 180 degrees of laser lines, which is the longest in the market. This can be paired with a telescoping tripod for indoor settings taller than 10 feet. For outdoor utility, this is best paired with a line detector for reliable reading in longer ranges and bright light conditions.

The Laser PLS-60521 also features benchmark dampening, which is the settling effect of the laser beam when transferred to a new layout point. This technology guarantees the delivery of usable and precise information even amidst the vibrations of other equipment in the work area such as those caused by generators, compressors, and other heavy types of machinery. The dampening technology of this laser level prevents the laser point from jumping or bouncing in response to machine vibrations. As a result, you achieve reliable information the first time of measuring and layout, which equates to productivity.

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Upgraded Three Year Limited Warranty

Before, the Pacific Laser Systems only offer a single year warranty. Now it is upgraded to three years. This means that you will be able to ensure the full quality of the unit for this duration (which is already a long time) without any charge for labor and parts replacement for the tool repair or replacement (the same model or a similar one). For servicing, you can expect a 48-hour turnaround, which is fast enough.

High Utility and Functionality in Different Line of Work

Whether you are a plumber, general contractor, carpenter, HVAC expert, or DIY-er, the Laser PLS-60521 will serve as a good tool in quality, fast, and accurate layout tasks. Its setup is very easy since it is self-leveling. Adjustments to the level are not required or allowed.

It uses a patented pendulum system to ensure that the measurements attained from it are accurate and reliable. This tool is ideal for use in the installation of doors, windows, and acoustic ceilings as well as accomplishing wallpaper, tile, and drywall applications. Its long battery life that reaches up to 30 hours before battery replacement is needed is an extended usage as compared to laser levels with motors.

PLS-60521 Features & Specifications

Here are the features and specifications of Laser PLS-60521:

  • Leveling Type – Self-Leveling for easy setup
  • Range – ±6 Degrees
  • Accuracy level – at 1/8 inch for a distance of 30 feet and 3 millimeters for 10 meters
  • Working Range – up to 100 feet; 180-degree angle at six leveling range
  • Operation Duration – beyond 30 hours
  • Power Source – 3 AA batteries
  • Dimensions – 2 x 2-7/8 inches x 3-3/8 inches
  • Weight – 2.4 Pounds
  • Manufacturer’s Warranty – 3 years

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PLS-60521 Reviews and Ratings

As of this writing, the PLS Laser PLS-60521 PLS180 has received 96 Amazon reviews with an average score of 4.3 out of 5 stars. The top positive feedback about this unit awarded it with a perfect five stars, which is because of the reviewer’s with its fast line setting and easy setup. The customer was satisfied with the accuracy of the product, which is why he thinks that it is worth its price.

Things to Improve

Some other customers did not like the Laser PLS-60521. One critical customer stated that the plumb line gave out after 2.5 years of light usage. The customer also commented on the absence of the lock-off switch, which is necessary for a off-level lining.

However, the customer had several good things to say about this tool. It was easy to use with just one button. The horizontal and vertical beams stayed level. It was also durable enough to withstand 2 to 3 drops from a height of 10 feet. It did not produce issues after these incidents. The customer also added that the visibility of the beam was highly comparable to other laser levels in the same price range.

While the Laser PLS-60521 is construction grade and can take some drops and bumps, it is important to care for it. Dropping the equipment at 10-feet high may not have immediate effects but at this height, any durable device will have taken some beating.


The Laser PLS-60521 is widely used for construction purposes with some other owners using it in domestic settings. This tool does not require any level of mastery at all since its single button configuration is all it takes to make it work and perform its function.

The unit itself is durable and lightweight, which makes it perfect for use in a variety of settings (standard in construction industries). It is a certified high-quality laser level that is worth every penny you invest in it. Do check out other best laser line level, and also the rotary ones!

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