Lemur Vehicle Motors BlueDriver LSB2 Bluetooth Review

If you want the best fix for your vehicle, you should have the BlueDriver Bluetooth Professional Scan Tool. It garners a lot of appreciation from most users simply because it can help you assess the problem of your vehicle far better compared with other scan tools being sold in the market right now. Get a chance to discover the greatness of this professional scan tool by checking out each of its features and specifications.

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Developed by a Reputable Company

This BlueDriver Bluetooth is highly recommended for use, initially, because of its brand’s reputation in the business. Their pool of professional engineers from North America, and the high-quality materials used for their products are among the factors that give it the edge over other brands. That’s why most mechanics trust the data being given by this BlueDriver Bluetooth without any second thought.

Buying a product from a brand known for its quality is what will help you save more instead of buying a cheaper alternative that is not even long-lasting.

Delivers Concise Data

BlueDriver Bluetooth is known to show only accurate data. The errors of your cars, the possible causes, and other data can easily be known with the help of this Bluetooth Adaptor. This helps you and the mechanic easily identify what to do in order to fully fix the vehicle. The transfer of data is also very smooth. You can easily email out the data or even print it.

Local Smog Test, Apps, and Sensors

BlueDriver is heard to have the best apps and sensors for a scan tool. One can download its app on Google Play and iTunes without paying a single cent. Apps and sensors can be used with both Android and iOS smart phones and tablets.

One more thing that this BlueDriver Bluetooth Scan Tool has that the others do not is its Smog Check feature, which lets you know whether your vehicle will pass a local smog test or not.

Lemur Vehicle Motors BlueDriver Bluetooth Features & Specifications

The Lemur Vehicle Motors’ Bluetooth professional scan tool is recommended for its great set of features and specifications. Aside from the ones already stated earlier in this review, here are more:

  • User-Friendly – This is very easy to use as the instruction and menus to click are pretty straightforward.
  • Comes Very Handy – The size of this Bluetooth scan tool provides great convenience. It can be easily carried with you anywhere you go considering the fact that it is very light to hold. It only weighs 3.2 ounces. Also, it is only 5.5 ×3 × 2.2 inches when it comes to size. It can even be hidden just by using a single palm.
  • Advanced Mode 6 Data Readings – It offers advanced test results. One example of this is the misfire counts.
  • iOS- and Android-Friendly – This device is officially licensed and certified to use for both Android and iOS products.
  • Freeze Frame – Whenever a code is stored, vehicle snapshot is automatic.

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Lemur Vehicle Motors BlueDriver Bluetooth Reviews

The best thing that I noticed right away with BlueDriver LSB2 Bluetooth is its compactness and portability. It is very convenient to carry around as it is very light and small, which is also what other users appreciate the most. It is on top of my favorite scan tools because it can do a lot of great things, including check emission readiness, clear codes, captures and shares live data, and even comes with Freeze Frame data.

Things to Improve

This BlueDriver Bluetooth is not compatible with any Windows gadget. While this is definitely a weakness, it is just a minor one. In fact, some scan tools are only compatible with one operating system.


BlueDriver Bluetooth gets a score of 9 out of 10 stars from my assessment. It is simply because it has all the basic features and specifications that you will be looking for in a Bluetooth scan tool.

Aside from those, it is a more conventional choice for most users because of its compactness, free app updates and downloads, freeze frame feature, and graphing of live data ad portability. Check out other Bluetooth scan tool reviews and for more unbiased reviews of the amazing Lemur Vehicle Motors scan tool.wide orange