Liberty Pumps Automatic Submersible Sump Review

The Liberty Pumps 257 is quite the sump pump and effluent pump specimen because when you break down its title, you can easily see that its specs are among the best in the world of pumps.

This standard-bearing brand of pump is the perfect choice for both commercial and residential use (although industrial usage is probably a bridge too far for it). It has ⅓ HP, which makes it better than ¼ HP models but still below the ½ industrial-grade pumps out there.

Furthermore, it capable of going at a rate of 50 gallons per minute (GPM) or 1,800 gallons per hour (GPH), which allows you to make quick work of flooded basements due to rainwater or broken water mains.


Free Yourself from Burden with the Liberty Pump

You can also make use of the Liberty Pumps Automatic Submersible Sump to quicken the pace of your pumping out of water, especially if the flood within your basement can only get worse from thereon end. After all, the unit is capable of a maximum discharge head of 21 feet and has a solids removal system wherein any half-inch particle is sucked up and out of your basement or some other flooded area of your home (like your septic tank or your pool) post-haste.

Its motor has also been efficiently designed to mitigate excessive electrical usage, saving you up to 40% of electrical usage. That last benefit is a Liberty Pumps exclusive you won’t find in any other model.

A Feature-Rich Effluent and Sump Pump

The richness and variety of the Liberty Pumps Sump/Effluent Pump’s specs and benefits don’t end there either. It’s a gift that keeps on giving in a sense. The Liberty Pumps Cast Iron Automatic Submersible Sump/Effluent Pump with VMF Switch, as its name suggests, is made of non-corrosive cast iron, has automated functions, and comes with a handy VMF switch that’s magnetically operated so you can use the unit on smaller pits with only a 10-inch diameter.

It’s a dual submersible sump pump and an effluent pump depending on what you’re going to use it on as well. It even has a three-year warranty exactly because it’s long-lasting pump that Liberty Pumps has a lot of confidence in.

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Here are the specs of the Liberty Pumps: 

  • Pumping Rate: The pumping rate of the Liberty Pumps Sump/Effluent Pump is 50 GPM or 1,800 GPH.
  • Discharge Head and Solids Handling: The maximum discharge head of this unit is 21 feet. It can also handle solids of about half an inch in size.
  • Motor Design:The sump pump has a motor that’s designed to reduce electrical usage by 40%.
  • VMF Switch: TheLiberty Pumps Automatic Submersible Sump/Effluent Pump comes with a magnetically operatedVMF Switch that allows you to use the unit for smaller pits that are ten inches in diameter.
  • Warranty: The pump has a three-year warranty included.

Liberty Pumps Reviews

I have as much confidence in the Liberty Pumps Automatic Submersible Sump as Liberty Pumps has. For instance, they gave their pump a three-year limited warranty, ensuring that if it malfunctions while under warranty, you can have it replaced post-haste within three years. They’re confident that their unit will last at least three years or more.

That’s exactly what I got when I bought it back in 2012, and I’m still using it to this day. I’ve used it heavily back in New Orleans and it has never failed me. Besides which, I can use it for my pool, for my septic tank, and for my basement whenever a hurricane or two comes. It’s a multi-use, multifunctional device indeed.

The Liberty Pumps Sump/Effluent Pump has received 212+ reviews and has a 4.7 rating on


Some dissatisfied customers from are complaining that the Liberty Pumps Sump/Effluent Pump isn’t as dependable as advertised. As one Amazonian user alleges, only after a week of making the pump run, it buckled under pressure against a downpour and stopped working.

It’s not as heavy duty or dependable as its three-year warranty would suggest, leading to that user buying a backup pump at Wal-Mart and hooking that up since the rain was still pouring and he didn’t have time to return the pump to get a replacement.

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The Liberty Pumps 257 Submersible Sump won’t break the bank when you buy it but contrary to the majority of great reviews, it does have its share of flaws that belie its supposed marketing of being a cost-effective submersible sump pump and effluent pump. With that said, a vast majority of users still standby this product and perhaps the few outliers who say it’s not worth the investment might have gone through an extraordinary downpour that would’ve broken many other ⅓ HP pumps out there.

Despite its limitations, the pros outweigh the cons of the Liberty Pumps Sump/Effluent Pump. See more sump pump reviews and the buying guide here.

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