Little Giant 12022 Ladder Review

The Little Giant 12022 RevolutionXE is dedicated to use for high and tough areas such as above staircase and vaulted ceiling. The aircraft-grade aluminum component of the ladder eliminates the instability feelings in any formation. This ladder is best for household works and even suitable for tough works like ceiling, paint, and construction works.

Furthermore, this ladder will remove your worries from falling because the Little Giant 12022 RevolutionXE ladder has brackets that safely lock when it’s arranged to “A” formation. If you have experienced troubles from your previous ladder, this ladder will never fail you.

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Convertible Ladder’s Design Makes It Versatile

The Little Giant 12022 RevolutionXE is designed for different kinds of activities. It can actually be formed into five or more different configurations such as A-frame ladder, staircase ladder, extension ladder, trestle and plank scaffolding system, or a 90 degree ladder. You will never worry about roofing, painting, ceiling, or decorating works because its convertible design will help you to do those works perfectly.

It is made of lightweight aluminum and its aerospace-grade can carry a weight of up to 300 pounds. This is not only based on any review but it has been proven by several accredited institutions. The ladder has met the minimum requirements of Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) and American National Standards Institute (ANSI).

Easier Rock Lock System and More Comfortable Rungs

The other features that you will love from Little Giant 12022 RevolutionXE are the improved rock lock system and the wider rungs for a better experience. You can adjust the configuration and length of the ladder easier with only a click. Merely click the button to release the ladder and adjust it, and tap the button again to relock it. It keeps you from the usual accidents brought about by the ladder, like pinched fingers and sudden fall.

Rock Lock System ensures that the ladder is strongly locked by hearing its sounds when you press the button, unlike other ladders that you have to lock manually. Thus, the wider rungs of the ladder will give the user a matched feeling of stability while standing on it. They can confidently step on every rung because of its wide-flared legs.

It does not only ensure the user’s comfortable experience but it also prevents fatigue and foot pain.

Little Giant 12022 RevolutionXE Features & Specifications

  • The aircraft-grade aluminum component of the ladder allows every user to enjoy its stability in any configuration.
  • This ladder can configure up to 33 formations including extension, three different scaffolding positions, A-position, and 90 degree ladders.
  • The ladder is an industrial rated that can hold up to 300 pounds.
  • Rock Lock System that allows the user to lock the ladder easier. This feature will save your time in adjusting the length and configuring the ladder.
  • The tip and glide wheels element of the ladder and its lightweight will make it easier for every user to transport the ladder from one place to another compared to other ladders.
  • The wide rungs of the RevolutionXE ladder give safety and comfort to every user. You don’t have to worry about changing the position of your feet on each step as the ladder has wide rungs.

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 Little Giant 12022 RevolutionXE Reviews

In my opinion, which was influenced by several reviews online and our own assessment, Little Giant 12022 RevolutionXE is a total package. You can find in it all the features that you are looking for. If I will rate this ladder from 1-10, I will give it 8. Many users are satisfied using this ladder because of its unique features.

One customer said that he liked most the improved button of the ladder as compared to the old one. He was amazed how the easy lock works by simply clicking the button, swaying the legs apart and auto-snap it into its place. He also added that he loves the wide rungs or the bases of the ladder because he feels secured every time he’s using it even at its full extension.

Things to Improve

The Little Giant 12022 RevolutionXE has also things that need to be improved just like other ladders. One of the minor issues is the heavy weight of the ladder. Though it has tip and glide wheels to assist its transportation, we still think that the manufacturer can do better in producing lighter ladder. The ladder has a solid 20 pounds and it is heavier as compared to other typical extension ladders.

Another minor flaw is the lack of traditional pulley and rope for an extension ladder. I think the manufacturer can add up these components to the ladder because it is not easy to rotate and extend the two sides of a more than 20 pounds ladder manually. But nevertheless, this is a good choice.


This ladder is very efficient to different kinds of activities in your home or even in construction works. The improved features of the Little Giant 12022 RevolutionXE were created to fill the lacking features of the typical ladders in the market. This ladder is a worthy investment because you don’t have to use several ladders when going to your roof, decorating your room, and installing lights because this ladder can be configured into several formations.

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