Little Giant 15125-001 Ladder Review

The Little Giant is one of the top distributors of quality ladders in the market, and one of the most advanced designs they have made is the Little Giant Select Step Ladder. This ladder is capable of standing on uneven surfaces without an unmatched feeling of stability. The user can comfortably stand on the platforms as if they are standing on the ground.

The Little Giant Select Step Ladder is also capable of securely holding the paint buckets and other tools with the help of air deck workstation. This component will be surely loved by every pro as it eliminates going up and down.

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Full Foot Support With Its Comfort Platform

This ladder allows the user to feel comfortable while standing on the ladder for a while. The step comfort platform of the ladder reduces the stress of the user’s ankles or feet as compared to rungs. You have heard it right; this ladder provides a platform instead of a rung so it will cover all your feet while finishing your household tasks.

The Little Giant Select Step Ladder can also be used in elevated and uneven surfaces such as stairs in your house or even at your garden. This ladder does not only provide support to some part of your feet but it also provides full support from your toe to heel. This eliminates fatigue and foot pain, which normally happens when standing on a typical ladder for a long period of time.

Added Stability With AirDeck Workstation

This feature of Little Giant Select Step Ladder is designed to save time and energy of the users as they can bring all the materials that they need at the top of the ladder and place them on the air deck workstation. You don’t have to go up and down again to get the necessary materials you need when doing your tasks. Furthermore, it securely holds construction materials like paint bucket, hammer, screw, nails, paint and other tools.

The air deck workstation of this ladder does include a handrail for even more added support and stability. It helps the user to work faster as they do not have to worry losing their balance. All they have to do is to hold onto the handrail if they feel that standing alone on the platform of the ladder is not enough.

Little Giant 15125-001 Step Ladder Features & Specifications

  • The height of the ladder ranges from 5 to 8 feet, depending on the desired adjustment of the user.
  • The comfortable standing platform of the ladder also adds up to its uniqueness as it fully supports the user’s feet from ankle to toe.
  • It is easy to transport from one place to another because of its tip and glide wheels component. Some of the ladders are heavy and hard to carry from place to place, but this feature will help you to move the ladder in much easier way.
  • I know the feeling when working at heights, it’s not comfortable. But thanks to the AirDeck workstation feature of this ladder. It adds stability through its handrail and it saves energy because it can place the materials you need at the top of the ladder.
  • The ladder can carry up to 300 pounds on both sides. Thus, it has met and exceeded all applicable American National Standard Institutes (ANSI) and Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) standards for product safety and quality.
  • Lastly, the Select Step Ladder has an easily adjustable height with the help of rock lock system. The user simply needs to push the lock to release it then adjust the ladder and tap again to relock. It is also safe when using the ladder on stairs or 90-degree formation against the wall.

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Little Giant 15125-001 Select Step Ladder Reviews

Our verdict on this ladder is based on the summation of online reviews of other users and our own observation. The Little Giant Select Step Ladder got a score of 8.2 because it is really helpful when doing household tasks especially those works on heights. The comfortable standing platform of the step ladder is impressive because it reduces stress and pain on your feet.

The other unique feature of this ladder is the AirDeck workstation. This component of the ladder is really useful and efficient to every user. I can imagine the manufacturer while designing this ladder; he’s really after the benefits of the users. One user posted his review and he mentioned that Little Giant Select Step Ladder has a great concept but it lacks execution. He found the ladder was not stable on uneven surfaces. But overall, this ladder is promising.

Things to Improve

There are two major things that need to be improved on this ladder and I think every user will agree with my assessment. The first one is the weight of the ladder. It is heavy for a regular step ladder though it has the tip and glides wheels component. The ladder’s weight is 30.4 pounds and it is not easy to fold and adjust.

The second thing is the handrail. I wish that it could have a more solid handrail because it is designed to add up to its stability. Unfortunately, it cannot hold a lot of weight and it will wobble when you exert a lot of weight on it. But nevertheless, this ladder offers great features.


The Little Giant Select Step Ladder is the best ladder for those who are looking for improved stability. The features of the ladder are unique and promising, which will surely be loved by every user. Do check out the best home ladder reviews to find out more related ladders.

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