Little Giant APCP-1700 Pool Pump Review

The Little Giant APCP-1700 is a submersible pump meant for in-house water transfer operations. It is also very effective in removing standing water from the pool covers. This is indeed an efficient pool pump for removing water. If you are searching for a pump for draining your pond or pool, the Little Giant APCP-1700 is the right device for your needs.

The best thing about this pool pump is that you can easily attach it to a hose. It is also very easy to activate this pump. It starts working in just about a couple of inches of water. After using, you can easily clean it by removing the screen. You can easily clean the parts without any problem. You can rely on this pump no matter what kind of task is awaiting.

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Water Transfer Applications


One of the things that you will like about this pump is its capacity to be used for transferring water. Other pool pumps in the market don’t have this capability. This pump has a slot for the attachment of a hose or a draining hose. You can easily attach it without any complications. You will notice that this pump can transfer the water at such speed.

The Little Giant APCP-1700 can perform medium to heavy-duty tasks when it comes to removing or transferring water. This is the reason why most businesses endorse this pool pump. They can speed up their operations through its efficient use.

Another thing that makes it really good in transferring water is its versatile slot for the hose. You can insert a standard size hose, no matter how long it is, so you can start transferring water. No need to experience manual labor in transferring water. All you need is the Little Giant APCP-1700.

Removable Intake Screen

If you have been using your pool pump frequently, then the more it needs to be cleaned. To avoid clogged tubes and stuck parts, it is advisable to regularly clean it. Some people find it a tedious job because some pool pumps don’t have removable parts. Worry no more. The Little Giant APCP-1700 will surely solve this problem for you.

The intake screen of this pump is removable for easy cleaning. This allows a thorough cleaning of the parts, leaving no traces of debris. You must note that pool pumps need to be maintained in order to keep it at its maximum performance.

This pump is indeed very easy to clean. It is very convenient for people who are busy and who don’t have time to regularly maintain their pump. The intake screen can be brushed for smaller particles. You can easily remove big particles and debris on the screen. If you are looking for a pump that is easy to maintain, the Little Giant can be your best option.

Little Giant APCP-1700 Features & Specifications

  • Removal of Standing water – you can use this pool pump to remove standing water in all kinds of pool covers. It can effectively remove it in any size of pool cover because this pump can handle heavy-duty tasks.
  • Removable intake screen – the intake screen can be entirely removed for easy cleaning purposes.
  • Handle – this pool pump values portability. The maker included a handle for easy transport purposes. You can bring this anywhere by just carrying it. You can transfer it anywhere by using the built-in handle.
  • Float switch – this is primarily used for automatic operation of the pool pump.
  • Versatility – this is a pool pump that is best known for its versatility. You can use it in different kinds of applications like water removal and water transferring purposes.

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Little Giant APCP-1700 Reviews

This pool pump received a rating of 8 out of 10 from the user reviews. The majority of the reviews mentioned their appreciation to the versatility of this pool pump. They are satisfied with its performance because they can effectively use it for water removal purposes.

Some users noted that it works well in transferring water. They mentioned that the slot for a garden hose is really helpful and conventional. One user noted that he uses it for removing water in his pool cover. According to him, he doesn’t need to do it manually anymore.

Another review noted that this pool pump is really very easy to clean. He can clean it anytime he wants to because he simply needs to remove the intake screen for removing the debris.

Things to Improve

If there is a thing that must be improved, then it is probably about the replacement parts. Some of the users found it hard to replace some parts because they cannot find them in local stores. These parts should be made available in most stores.


The Little Giant APCP-1700 is indeed a very versatile pool pump for a variety of applications. You can do water removal and water transfer with the use of this pool pump. If you would like to know more about this fantastic device, check out the best pool pumps reviews. You will surely love what others have to say about this pump.

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