Lotos Technology TIG140 Welder Review

The Lotos brand is known for their affordable machines packed with features just like the Lotos Technology TIG140. This device has advanced features and it’s a compact IGBT based inverter welder capable of Stick and DC TIG. This welder is an ideal option if you looking for transportable, decent and low-cost TIG welder that can produce an accurate quality performance.

This TIG welder is ideal for soldering all ferrous metals which include copper, stainless, thin steel and various other metals. These materials can be welded in any position you desire. Since this machine can be operated in dual input voltages, either 110V or 220V, you can use it with any kind of outlet accessible.

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Light and Sturdy Construction

With a weight of just 9.9 pounds, the Lotos Technology TIG140 is extremely portable making it ideal for outdoor use or even for rental shops. You can bring it wherever you need to make repairs so it allows you to work from any location you want. It also saves you time from having to bring along heavy gears to bring to your station since you can carry the welder to the area without hassle.

 Another feature that adds portability of the unit is the existence of top handle which is made from durable plastic. Since the handle is made from plastic, it does not contribute to the overall weight of the unit. You can easily carry the machine just like how you would carry a bag making it very convenient for you.

Capable of DC TIG and Stick Welding

TIG or tungsten inert gas capability allows you to intricate transportability. This is a great feature when the area you are soldering is going to be visible and there is a need for accuracy in finishing the surface. Since you can control the heat with this approach, you have precise control over your work.

With TIG welding, there is no splatter or spark when joining using the filler rod. In addition, it does not also produce fumes or gas which means that the surface will be free from dirt and other contaminants.

As for stick welding feature, this allows you to work on tight spots and corners. TIG140 is also a great option when you have to bring the welder with you to a different location because the stick does not weight much and you won’t need shielding gas.

Lotos Technology TIG140 Features and Specifications

  • Measures 20×13.5×12.5 inches
  • Weighs 9.9 pounds
  • Automatic dual voltage of 110/220v
  • IGBT inverter
  • Dual frequency 50-60 Hz
  • Comes with light and sturdy handle
  • Automatic dual voltage compatibility and dual frequency
  • IGBT inverter
  • Lift starts for guarantees clean and high-quality welds

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Lotos Technology TIG140 Reviews

With the Lotos Technology TIG140, you get all you need at a great price that is why it has an editorial rating of 8 out of 10.

Many of the buyers claim that they feel safe using this machine because the machine has a protective cover for the control panel. This prevents an accidental change in the settings thus mishaps are prevented. They say that they could just easily set the unit then use it without worrying about unintentional alterations in the settings. Since the cover is clear they accurately know the settings they are dealing with.

Customers, especially those who are new in welding, applauded this product because according to them it has a user-friendly control panel. They noted that the machine has one of the simplest control panels among all the other TIG welder brands and models. You only got a power button plus a knob with the basic settings.

Users said that even if it’s your first time to use a welding machine, you can’t miss the settings because of its simplicity.

Things to Improve

Despite all the positive reviews about this TIG welder, there are some buyers who are a bit disappointed since you can’t use it for thick and heavy duty applications.

The Lotos Technology TIG140 is not designed for heavy duty tasks so this is not recommended for professionals who are working with thick metals. But for those who are new in welding and are working on small scale projects, this is a great TIG welder to consider.

It is very simple to use because of its user-friendly control panel so novice won’t have a hard time operating the machine.


The Lotos Technology TIG140 may not be as heavy duty as other TIG welder but it certainly is surpassing the expectations of many users. This unit includes everything you need to get started so the moment you unpack, you can start using it right away. No need to buy extra devices because you have everything you need.

If you are looking for a good all in one machine that can handle almost any project then this one is for you.

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