Magnaflow 99205HN Catalytic Converter Review

One of the most useful catalytic converters for cars is the Magnaflow 99205HM. This cat con has the ability to increase the torque of your car, thus, increasing the horsepower as well.  With all of these, your vehicle will surely perform at its peak. To add to its durability, the design includes high grade steel. The device is strong enough to withstand all kinds of pressures.

Another thing that you will surely like about this is that it is resistant to corrosion. You won’t have any problem in installing it even without the service of a professional mechanic. The maker improved its allover design to appeal to the taste of modern car owners. This catalytic converter features a spun-body which is made to be universal.

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41YsTcOTGJLHigh Grade Stainless Steel

Most of the people know about the durability of stainless steel. This is the reason why it is widely used for most of the car components.  As an exhaust gas purifying system, the Magnaflow 99205HN is primarily used to mitigate the pollution caused by the exhaust gas from cars and other vehicles.

This catalytic converted is mounted directly under the exhaust manifold so it should have the capacity to withstand extreme pressure coming from it. Aside from this, the body of the catalytic converter should also withstand vibration shocks. This particular cat con is able to do that because of its high grade stainless steel make-up.

This material has a good resistance to thermal shocks and has a very small heat capacity. This also includes rare earth elements to enhance and improve the adhesion of oxide coating films. The stainless steel body of this cat con is made to withstand higher exhaust gas temperatures.

Spun-body Design

To make it more versatile, the new design of Magnaflow 99205HN is a spun-body look. Why is it more convenient compared to the first design? To give you a preview, the design makes use of the new catalyst technology. The converter is fabricated from a CNC-formed and  welded tubular section that is spun to form a tubular rounded converter.

It is manufactured straight from the catalyst which is secured underneath the thicker-gauge material that can be found in the outlet for added durability of the converter. The universal size of the inlet and outlet makes it possible to work on the exhaust systems of most cars. You will surely like the fact that it will fit most of your application needs.

The maker has foreseen that vehicle owners will be burdened by the old design of the catalytic converter because they need to find the right match for their exhaust system. As part of their intention to serve their customers better, Magnaflow 99205HN is designed in a certain way that will be able to match the needs of the users.

Magnaflow 99205HN Features and Specifications

  • High Grade Stainless Steel – To withstand extremely high temperature, this catalytic converted is made with a stainless steel body.
  • Compliance with the Federal Commission Policies – This ensures that it is following the federal emission policies as part of the campaign against environmental pollution.
  • Gas and Diesel applications – This is applicable for both gas and diesel running vehicles.
  • Spun-Body Universal Design – In order to meet the needs of different car users, the converter design is improved and spun into a tubular form for any kind of exhaust system.
  • Certified to be manufactured in the U.S.A

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Magnaflow 99205HN Reviews

As an effective catalytic converter, it deserves to be awarded a rating of 6.5 out of 10. If you are looking for a cat con with a universal body, then Magnaflow 99205HN is the perfect one to purchase. You will surely love the new design. Most users of this cat con commended the maker for making a great improvement in their design to better serve the customers.

Most of the users praise it for the stainless steel body that goes beyond protection. They even noted that their stress level with their vehicles dropped after switching to Magnaflow 99205HN. They are able to solve their engine issues with this converter.

The main highlight of the customer reviews is its cost-effectiveness when it comes to burning fuel. They noted that their cars burn less fuel after using this converter. This means that there is less emission, and that is a good news when it comes to environmental safety.

Things to Improve

Some of the users noted that they need to buy a pipe because it is smaller than the original size of the catalytic converter. In order to solve it, the best way is to makes use of a tube to make it perfectly fit. Nevertheless, it will not affect the great performance of this converter.


The Magnaflow 99205HN is indeed a new form of catalytic converter in the market. Its new universal spun-body design makes it possible to be used for different applications in different exhaust systems. If you like to utilize the benefits of this best universal catalytic converter, then this cat con should be on top of your to-buy list.

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