Magnelex – Best Magnetic Wristband Review

Magnelex – Best Magnetic Wristband is a product that is a lifesaver for people who do lots of construction or carpentry work. Its magnetic wristband can hold screws, nails, and bolts. It’s like a third arm that will allow you to save time. It will surely increase your productivity levels. It’s such a perfect gift item for those who are into construction, carpentry, auto repair and home improvement work.

Have you ever had to go through the trouble of spending too much time trying to pick up small screws and nails? Have you ever had to waste your time trying to look for correctly sized nuts and bolts?

Have you ever wished that there will be another product that will solve all these problems? Well, worry no more because the Magnelex – Best Magnetic Wristband will be able to handle everything you need!

wide orangeIt Has A Special 9-Pack Magnet Design

The Magnelex Wristband contains a 9-Packet magnet design that makes sure that any screw, nail or bolt will never fall off. It also allows you to put as many as you want (as long as it fits within the pad).

Some people would even put them in a categorical manner. They can put nails in one area, bolts in another, and screws in another area.

Whatever your preference is, you really don’t have to worry about materials falling off. You don’t even have to worry about spending hours trying to look for them (especially for smaller screws and nails).

Wider Than Other Magnetic Wristbands

If you want to have a magnetic wristband, you have to make sure that it has a wide space.

It’s much more convenient to have this feature because you can put more hardware on it. You don’t have to spend too much time trying to place more tools on your wrist because you already have a significant amount of space.

Magnelex Wristband Features And Specifications

  • High-Quality Velcro Wrist Strap – This makes sure that the straps are adjustable and that they will be able to fit perfectly on your wrist.
  • Breathable And Lightweight Band – This is quite a plus because you need to wear something that will allow your skin to breath. You will be wearing this product for long periods of time so you may need something that will help minimize any skin irritation.
  • Convenient To Use In Tight Areas – You won’t have to worry about tools accidentally falling over and causing accidents. You have this nifty device to help you especially when you’re using a ladder.
  • It’s A One Size Fits Most Product – Any wrist of any size can fit into this product since it has adjustable straps.

wide orangeMagnelex Wristband Reviews

A lot of reviewers found this product pretty impressive as it does its work as it’s supposed to. Some enjoyed the fact that it is wide enough to accommodate small hardware. They also liked how it is comfortable to wear even with longer use. Some users also prefer this product among other similar ones because it’s more affordable.

Most reviewers bought this product as a gift for their dads or husbands. The men in their family definitely enjoyed using the Magnelex Wristband. This product generally has a lot of favorable reviews and with that being said, we rate this product a 9/10.

Things To Improve

While Magnelex Wristband has generated a lot of favorable reviews, some customers felt that it didn’t live up to expectations. One user found it hard to secure the strap and another felt that the product doesn’t hold a lot of hardware.

Another user said that he would’ve loved it if the product has a buckle to make sure that the strap is extra secure.

Despite its little flaws, it is still a product that’s worth buying. It has enough magnetic power to hold small hardware like screws and nails. One can also arrange it in a more organized manner so that it can hold more products. The straps can also be fixed securely before placing the hardware on the pad.

The Magnelex Wristband is still way better than having to put screws or nails in your mouth while you’re doing your projects.


The Magnelex Wristband is a very awesome product to use for any handyman. You don’t have to spend lots of time trying to look for fallen screws and nails. You can definitely enjoy the efficiency of using it, especially in tight spaces. Its wide magnetic surface allows you to place more tools on your wrist so you don’t have to go back and forth.

Magnelex Wristband is a great gift idea that will surely be appreciated by your loved ones. You can even add this to your arsenal of tools and gadgets.

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